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  • April 26, 2022
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National Testing Agency (NTA) is going to conduct its first undergraduate all university exam for the academic session of 2022-23. It is called the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).


NTA CUET 2022 Exam will provide a single-window opportunity for students to get admission into the Central Universities across the county.


The primary aim of this test is to take the quality higher education to the rural and remote fields of India.


Students who just passed out from the higher school and are seeking admission into Undergraduate/Integrated courses will now not have to appear for various entrance tests for various universities.


The responsibility to conduct this exam is entrusted to the National Testing Agency in accordance with the changes proposed by the National Education Policy 2020.


The registration process, the conduct of the exam, the release of the answer keys, and preparation & declaration of the result and Score Card will be handled by the NTA.


While participating universities will handle the creation of the final merit list and individual counselling sessions taking into account the scorecard provided by the NTA.


NTA CUET 2022 Exam will be conducted in 13 languages (medium of instruction), namely English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Odia, Assamese, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, and Urdu.


It will be a computer-based test (CBT) with a compulsory language test, two domain-specific tests, and a general test.


NTA CUET 2022 Exam scores will be accepted by 44 Central Universities and other private universities. The NTA CUET 2022 exam will be conducted in 547 cities within India and 13 cities abroad.



Scheme of NTA CUET 2022 Exam


The NTA CUET 2022 Exam will have three sections:


Section 1A - 13 Languages (As a medium and “Language”)


Section 1B - 20 Languages


Section 2 - 27 Domain-Specific Subjects


Section 3 - General Test


A student can choose any Language/Domain specific Subjects/ General tests or their combination as required for the exam subject to admission into a specific course of a specific University.



Pattern of NTA CUET 2022 Exam


The exam will be conducted in two slots.


Slot 1: 195 minutes (3:15 hours),


Slot 2: 225 minutes (3:45 hours).


The question paper of NTA CUET 2022 Exam will have a total 175 number of questions in all three sections. In sections 1 &2 a student has to attempt 40 questions out of 50 each.


While in the Section 3 students have to solve 60 questions out of 75.



Marking Scheme


1 mark will be rewarded for every correct answer and 0.25 marks will be deducted for every incorrect answer by a student.



Syllabus of NTA CUET 2022 Exam


Section 1A & 1B – Two Languages (Out of 13 in Section 1A and 20 in Section 1B) will be tested through Reading Comprehension by using different types of passages, Literary, Narrative and Vocabulary based questions.


Section 2 - The syllabus for 27 domain-specific subjects being offered will be available on the NTA website.


Section 3 – Questions of General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, and Logical & Analytical Reasoning


Now that you know all about the NTA CUET 2022 Exam and you are steaded fast into your preparation schedule of yours. You must know the importance of sample paper, especially this time around.


As this is the first time this exam is going to be conducted for the Undergraduate courses, NTA is expecting a lot of students to register this time around and take the NTA CUET 2022 exam.


This in layman's terms translates to more competition. And what better way to shine out of many but to be prepared for the unknown.



How sample papers are important for NTA CUET 2022 Exam?


After completion of the syllabus to practice one should know about the pattern of examination, the total number of questions, difficulty level etc.


With the help of NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample papers, students can get the much-needed overview of the examination, apart from providing additional aid to practice and gaining confidence.


Let’s look at what are other benefits of solving a sample paper for the NTA CUET 2022 Exam. 



To know the unknown


This exam is going to be conducted in a new exam pattern which has not been experienced by any student forget about teachers.


Anxiety around it will be common and can grow manifolds if one remains uncertain about what types of questions till the last moment.


NTA CUET 2022 Exam Sample papers will make you aware and sure of the question that will be asked. Preparing you for the unknown.



To know where you stand


Solving NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample papers will be an excellent way to self-assess your preparations.


The more problems you solve, the more prepared you will feel and you will gain an insight into your strengths and weaknesses. For who is more confident than who knows himself.



To know your speed


Once you start practising the NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample papers regularly, you will slowly devise a plan to approach each sample paper.


This will not only improve your performance but will also make you more efficient. Hard work pays off better when it is done in the right direction.



To know is to revise


What is better than once? Twice! While practising from NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample papers you will revise the concepts again which will help you to remember them better.


Solving sample papers is a kind of comprehensive revision method to cement everything you have studied.



How to do practice from sample papers?


Often it is said that one should practise as many sample papers as possible. But hardly is it stressed about how one should approach a sample paper to get the most out of it.


To solve NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample papers effectively you should first take the clock seriously i.e. decide a particular time (it can be the time when the actual examination will start), sit at a spot that is distraction proofed, comfortable and quiet.


Carry all the things that you will carry to the examination centre, stationery, water bottle, your specs and chits (Just Kidding) etc. Also, make sure you have taken your food.


Now start the clock and start your NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample paper, first give time to read the paper, then devise a quick strategy to solve the question either tough ones first and easier ones later or vice versa.


Sit through the time even if you no longer are able to solve the question. Just push yourself to try and figure such questions out, the more trouble you find yourself in the more able to come out of it you will develop.


After completing the NTA CUET 2022 Exam sample paper do critical evaluations of the paper the next day let the paper sink in till then.


While evaluating focus on the areas of mistake, rushed calculation/reading, and misinterpretation of questions.


By doing this you will be able to benefit the most from a sample paper helping you avoid the nerves and common mistakes on the exam day.  






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