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  • May 13, 2022
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CUET 2022 General awareness (G.A) is a make or break section of the CUET EXAM. It always plays a crucial role in either making inside the merit list or out of it.


The General Awareness Section is so vast that one cannot cover it in a couple of days; it requires long term consistent studying. Cramming of facts and details will never help.


Many students make mistakes while preparing for this section. They waste their time by reading Lucent, Quick glancing at PDFs of facts and news; don’t read newspapers with regularity, and watching random videos in the hope to crack the GA. And end up disappointed on the exam day.


NTA’s first undergraduate all university exam for the academic session of 2022-23 the Common University Entrance Test (CUET 2022) will have a specific section for General Awareness common to all courses.


So the GA section will be indispensable for students seeking admission into any course. NTA CUET 2022 Exam will be conducted in 13 mediums of instruction and it will be a computer-based test (CBT).


CUET 2022 scores will be accepted by 44 Central Universities and other private universities. So if you are planning to take the CUET exam you must put your undeniable focus on the general awareness section.



Scheme of CUET 2022 Exam


The NTA CUET 2022 Exam will have three sections:


Section 1A - 13 Languages


Section 1B - 20 Languages


Section 2 - 27 Domain-Specific Subjects


Section 3 - General Test


A student can choose a combination of subjects as required by the university and the course of their choice.



How to approach General Awareness Test for CUET Exam


Prioritise the Topics to Cover- The syllabus of general awareness is very vast and it is not possible to cover each and every topic. So, be aim specific and prioritise the topic by which you can gain maximum marks. How you can prioritise topics,


1. Prepare subjects with higher weightage


2. Choose a subject and Study its important topics


3. Solve previous year's questions on these important topics


4. Identify the loopholes from those topics and practice questions on them


As much as the approach toward a section is important it is equally important to know how to remember the facts from the subject for CUET 2022.



CUET 2022 - How to Remember General Awareness?


Practice every subject from the general awareness section daily. Some easy tricks to remember what you have learnt in the general awareness test of CUET Exam,


1. Relate the facts (person name, location,) with your surroundings.


2. Map the relation between the facts.


3. Revise what you have learned as many times until it settles within you.


4. Read history as a tale from the past, not as calendar bound text.


5. Make a habit of solving at least 100 questions daily.


6. Learn everything with its relevance in our lives today.


Now that you know how to approach and remember what you have learnt it’s important to put it to the test. The General Awareness section of CUET 2022 will not be like mathematics or science in which questions come from mainly what you have learnt.


A question in GA Section has no head no tail sometimes. It can be asked in ‘n’ no. of ways. Your understanding of what is asked by the question needs to be adaptable and flexible to get the right answer.


For that you need practice. Sample papers are the go-to guide to practice. But you should know use them. 



CUET 2022 - How to do practice from sample papers for the General Awareness Section?


You indeed have to practice as many sample papers as possible. But having a mindful approach towards sample paper will help you improve your game more than ever.


First of all while solving CUET 2022 Exam sample papers take the clock seriously i.e. decide a particular time, sit on your reading spot after making it distraction proof, comfortable and quiet.


Keep the stationery, water bottle, your specs and other necessary things handy. Now start the stopwatch, read all the questions, and quickly devise a strategy to solve the section either tough ones first or easier ones or vice versa.


Push yourself if you can't figure out questions. After completing the CUET 2022 sample paper do honest evaluations of the paper after some time. Evaluate the areas of mistake, and misinterpretation of questions.


By employing this approach you will benefit the most from a sample paper.



CUET 2022 - How can sample papers help you to score well?


Increases Efficiency


Hard work done in the right direction always pays off. As the syllabus of the CUET 2022 general awareness is so vast, it is not feasible to master everything in a short period of time.


And it takes a very long and consistent effort to be good at this section. But once you start practicing the sample questions regularly, you will be able to grasp the type of questions asked in the CUET Exam which will in turn strengthen your efficiency and preparation strategy.



A tool for Revision


When you start preparing for the CUET 2022 general awareness section you will realize that you are consuming much more information than you can process.


The more you will take the sample papers, the more that information will be tested and revised by your brain. The better will be your chances to score well in this section of the CUET Exam.



Help to gauge the type of questions


The most crucial thing out of the sample paper for you will be to know how questions are being asked in the CUET 2022 general awareness section. Solving sample papers will expose you to a variety of ways the questions will be asked which will help you learn the subject in the same way.



Strengths and weaknesses


Every topic appears almost equally easy when you solve it from a book. However, you only realize your application of knowledge when you face the question in the CUET 2022 sample papers.


Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses is essential to improve your strategy to prepare for and attempt the CUET exam.



Overcoming mistakes


There are many things you can do wrong while attempting a question. You can understand the question incorrectly or even read the question in a completely wrong way.


Apart from this there are many silly mistakes one can make. What is important is to realize these mistakes and rectify them in the next attempt.


The best you can do is practice more CUET 2022 sample papers which will make you more used to the exam conditions and will help you in cutting down on these unnecessary errors in the CUET Exam.





Strategy is the most under-used trick to crack any competitive exam. Planning your approach to a section as soon you go through the entire question paper briefly is very important.


When you get the question paper the first response of the brain is to get overwhelmed by the sheer no. of questions. Add to that the anxiety caused by the topic you thought was not important at the first question is from that only.


In a rush to overcome this trauma, brains start to go after the answers to random questions. Here a strategy will help calm your brain and go after the CUET Exam logically.


The ideas above are not so general but specific to CUET 2022 general awareness. If applied with discipline and determination these ideas can benefit you tremendously. But for anything to work is required to be applied.



So, Good Luck with your preparations!


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