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  • April 27, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


CUET (Common University Entrance Test – 2022) is all set to provide a common portal and same level of opportunities to candidates across the country, especially students belonging to the rural and other remote areas.


This initiative has been done to establish a better connect with the Universities.


CUET 2022 has been introduced for the purpose of admission into the Undergraduate courses in all Central Universities for academic session 2022-2023 under the Ministry of Education (MOE).

This will avoid the hassle that the student had to face earlier by giving multiple exams for every university specifically. Now a single exam will be sufficient for a candidate to be a part of the admission process to various Central Universities.


CUET 2022 Online submission of Application Form will be closed by 06 May, 2022 up to 5:00 pm. Students who wish to appear for CUET 2022 and haven’t registered themselves on the website yet should hurry up to avoid last minute hassle.


CUET 2022 will be a computer-based test with Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) pattern.


Now while we are preparing ourselves to get accustomed with the idea of CUET 2022, it is extremely important to know about various sections and figure out which subject should a student focus on to score the maximum marks.





Section I (LANGUAGE): Section IA and Section IB


Section II (Domain)


Section III (General Test)


A Candidate is allowed to take maximum of 09 Tests in following manner for CUET 2022:


Maximum of 02 languages from Section IA and Section IB combined together, maximum of 06 Domain Subjects from Section II and General Test from Section III or Maximum of 03 languages from Section IA and Section IB combined together, maximum of 05 Domain Subjects from Section II and General Test from Section III.



Now here are some tips that would help a student to score better



1. Choose the Language in which you are proficient:


This section aims to test the literary aptitude and vocabulary of the student. The language section will primarily include reading comprehension based on factual and literary passages.


While you choose a language that you are already good at, it would be beneficial for you.



2. Self-evaluate the sample papers


Self-evaluate the question samples available online and manage time according to the actual test of CUET 2022.


So you must set aside time each day to focus on the subjects you need to learn. This will help you to focus on what your strength is and where you lack.



3. Time management:


Each concept you are studying should have its own time allotment.(For each language chosen, a minimum of 40 questions need to be attempted out of 50 by the students within a span of 45 minutes. Similarly, each domain-specific subject test will contain 50 questions and students must attempt at least 40 to qualify. The maximum duration for each domain-subject test is again 45 minutes.)



4. Prepare yourself thoroughly with the syllabus:


First, the language portion of the test is given, followed by one that will be focusing on a certain academic field to which the students are applying, and finally, a general ability test will be followed.


Once you know what’s inside each section, it would be easier for you to focus on each department for better result.



5. Accurate knowledge in language will help for degree specialization:


If you wish to graduate with a degree in a specific language, you must take language paper form 1B. Thirteen language papers are in Section 1A and 19 papers are in Section 1B of the Language section.



6. Know the essential ideas of the subject:


Since the domain section questions are at a 12th-grade level of difficulty. Students having studied Class XII Board syllabus would be able to do well in CUET (UG)–2022.


Knowing the basics, you’ve chosen will help you gain more points in this area.



7. Attempt MCQ problems from the NCERT textbooks of various difficulty levels:


This would help a student prepare better and create a sense of understanding about CUET 2022.



8. Make a list of formulas for CUET 2022:


Make a list of key terms and formulas from the subject you’re studying to assist you remember them when it’s time to revise. This shortcut will help you in the long run and make revision even easier.



9. If you are already good with one section, devote your time to the other sections to excel better:


This would help create a balance amongst all the sections and even promote you to score better in CUET 2022.



10. Utilize the question banks that is available online for student all over the country:


This will help to boost the memory and a student would be able to cover the syllabus chapter wise and topic wise for extensive exam preparation. With CUET Question Bank 2022, students can also measure and track their progress for their paper.



11. Keep up with the current affairs: 


Since the General test of CUET 2022 will cover a wide range of topics, including general knowledge, current affairs, general mental ability, numerical ability, mensuration, statistics, quantitative reasoning it is best to know as much as possible since this is a vast field.


Logical and analytical reasoning are also part of this section. Out of the total 75 questions, students will have to attempt at least 60 questions within 60 minutes.


Try not to bring difficult topics on a regular basis. Since this might demotivate you, so it is better to combine few of the ideas together to keep you performing better for CUET 2022.


Go with simpler logical issue in the beginning in case you are tasked with a difficult quantitative idea. Go easy on yourself.


These were the tips that we thought might help you out and not to forget that since all the students are applying from different states/boards, CUET 2022 is a newer concept for all you kid out there. You will do good. Just remember to PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!



All the best for CUET 2022!



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