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5 Learning Tips for CBSE Board Exam 2022 - How to Prepare for Term 2?

5 Learning Tips for CBSE Board Exam 2022 - How to Prepare for Term 2?

  • December 15, 2021
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CBSE board exams are a great way to act as a stepping stone for your career.


As the academic session is about to end, its’ time to take your preparation to the next level for term 2 board exams.


These exams will also contribute to the final result, so you can’t neglect them at any cost. But the major question here comes is regarding the preparation.



How to start with the preparation for term 2?


Term 2 exams are going to be descriptive one unlike the term 1 exams so, you need to change your preparation strategy for term 2 board exams.


If you are someone who is wondering to start preparation for term 2 but don’t know how to start with it, then this is the apt place for you to start with.


By walking through further, you will find some of the useful preparation tips like:


# Syllabus is the key to follow


# Decide upon a meticulous study plan


# Practice answer writing for various typologies


And so on. By going through further, you will come across all these preparation tips and some other useful tips that will help you for your term 2 board exams.



1. Syllabus is the key to follow


To prepare well for your term 2 board exams, it is very essential to go through the entire syllabus. When you go through the syllabus, you get an idea about all the chapters and the topics that you need to cover for term 2.


This will help you work in the right direction and will make things easier for you. If you don't go through the syllabus in the first place then you might land in some trouble at a later stage.


Moreover, you will also get acquainted with the marking scheme and section-wise marks division that will help you score well in your board exams.



2. Decide upon a meticulous study plan


Term 2 exams are not similar to the term 1 exams and they need a different strategic timetable to follow.


Design a study plan in such a way that you get sufficient time for every subject. Make sure to have a blend of tough and easy subjects. Also, make sure to have in-between breaks of the study routine.


These breaks will help you refresh your mind and stay more focused on the study. You can either take a walk or have a cup of coffee to rejuvenate yourself.


For instance, if you make a study plan that is unachievable at the end of the day. Then you will only feel demotivated and disheartened. But, on the other hand, if you make a plan with small and achievable goals then you will feel more confident and motivated.


Make a routine to follow this study plan religiously. If you don’t do so then there is no use in making a study plan. So, always adhere to the study plan and also take out time for yourself.



3. Practice answer writing for various typologies


In the CBSE term 2 board exams, there will be no MCQ pattern followed. And you need to answer the questions descriptively.


After giving the term 1 exams, your practice might not be very proficient in answer writing. So, you need to extensively work on that part to excel in your board exams.


Take a sample paper and try to solve it in the stipulated time that you would have in your final exam. These sample papers are designed as per the new typologies that you will face in your exam be it case-based or long answer writing.


When you do this practice, you come to know whether you were able to complete the exam in time or not. This will help you work on your writing speed.


Because having mere knowledge is not at all sufficient if you can’t express it in the exam.


Besides the writing speed, you will also come across the areas where you are lacking. By analyzing this thing, you will get a fair opportunity to work on your weak areas.


Practice is the ultimate key to success that will help you in the long run. So, put your hard work in the best direction to yield the best results.



4. Religiously follow the question bank


Question banks are a great way to get acquainted with the most important questions that you will encounter in your board exams.


These banks are designed by experienced teachers who have great expertise in their field. If you are stuck somewhere, you can walk through these question banks for detailed explanations and answers.



You will also witness the topper’s answers in addition to the commonly made errors in the examinations. This will help you avoid those mistakes for your exam and prepare accordingly.



You will even come across previous year's questions in these question banks. Previous year's questions are very important from the examination point of view.



With the assistance of question banks, you get the opportunity to access the largest pool of questions.



This will help you boost up your confidence and you will prepare in a better fashion.



5. Follow innovative learning techniques


Studying all the time from books is not at all a good idea. Sometimes you get bored of seeing the books and not a single word sticks to your mind.



In these sorts of situations, pictures make a more lasting impact than written words.  



You can take the assistance of mind maps, mnemonics, or videos to have better conceptual clarity.



For instance, you are stuck at some questions in your exam. Then these mind maps or mnemonics come to the rescue. You just need to revisit your memory and you will be able to easily remember the concept with these mind maps as compared to theory.



Everyone's learning pattern is not the same. So don't compare your learning habits with someone else.



If some technique is working out for someone then it might not work for you.



You need to cautiously see to the things that work for you and implement them in your study routine.



Final Thoughts


CBSE term 2 board exams are just waiting for you around the end of the term. You need to put in your best efforts and hard work to excel in your board exams.


By following the above-mentioned tips you can design the preparation strategy that will work best for you.


Make it a habit that you are studying as per the routine from day 1. If you don't pay attention to the preparation from starting then you will only create chaos at the end moments.


Always think of your goals and work meticulously for them. Don't stress out yourself and have faith in your preparation.


Once you have self-belief, you can un-turn various opportunities for yourself. So, start preparing well and success is waiting for you.



All the Best!!



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