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Set Your Goals for Term 2. Why is it Important to set goals?

Set Your Goals for Term 2. Why is it Important to set goals?

  • December 16, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal
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Sitting for the board exams is one of the most crucial times in student life. By, now every one of you must have done with your term 1 board exams.


And, now it’s the time to kick-start the preparation for term 2 so that you can get an excellent score for your board exams.


But, do you think mere preparation is enough to succeed in your board exams?




A goal is a must-have to witness flawless results in your term 2 board exams. What impact this goal will make on your preparation? How will it affect your term 2 exams?


If you are also struggling with these questions, then you are at the right place.


By walking through further you will come across some of the important aspects of goal making like:


# What is goal setting?


# How it is important for term 2 exams?


# Why it is important for you?


And so on.


So, let's have a look further to have an in-depth analysis of goal setting and its importance in your life. Let's get started.



What is goal setting?


You must be thinking that you are anyway going to study for your term 2 exams, so why this goal setting is important? Is it going to do something extra-ordinary that otherwise, you wouldn't have done?


Its answer is a big YES!!


Goal setting is the phenomenon of setting a target for what you want to achieve with these board exams.


This way of setting goals is not only essential for your success but also fills you with a new sense of enthusiasm and motivation to work towards your goal.


For instance, you know you want to score the highest marks in term 2 so that you can shine in your board exams. But, if you set a goal for the same, you will feel another level of zeal and enthusiasm within your inner self to excel in these exams.


With this goal, you will start enjoying every single day of your study.


Besides that, you will get the next level of motivation in yourself to achieve your goal whenever you feel demotivated.


Goals offer you a path to follow so that you reach your destination effectively without getting demotivated.



How it is important for term 2 exams?


Goals play a very vital role in acting as a catalyst for your term 2 board exams. They are very important to set as they will help you pull yourself forward rather than hold you back.


Goals offer you the amount of energy and motivation that you need to keep on moving forward.


When you get clarity on “why” you want to do a certain thing then a goal becomes crystal clear in front of you. And you work exceptionally well for achieving it.


Now, let's grab a look at how it is important to set goals for term 2 exams.


For instance, you are preparing for your term exams and you decide upon solving a sample paper on a certain day. But, somehow you were not able to accomplish this task.


If you would have not set the goal. Then you have treated it normally and put this task to the next day for completion.


Now, as you have a goal set for it no matter how busy you were. You will take out some time, collect your energy, and simply deep dive into solving the paper.


When you set goals, they stick to your mind like anything. And when the goals combine with the right level of motivation then the results witnessed are commendable.


Goals help you to work towards long-term success. You need not set unrealistic goals for yourself that won’t land you anywhere.


You can even set the goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as well. When you start achieving your short-term goals, then you get a step closer to your long-term goal.


It is not a hard and fast rule that you always need to aim for a milestone. You can even work in chunks and it is perfectly alright. It is going to substantially increase your efficiency.



Why it is important for you?


Being a student, goal setting can show you wonderful results you implement in your daily study routine.


Make a study plan with the goals you want to accomplish. This will always keep on remembering you that why are you studying so hard. What will be the fruits of this hard work that will ultimately keep you motivated?


Setting goals is not only important to help you achieve your goals. But, it will help you inculcate various other useful skills that will help you in your life.


With goal setting, you will understand how you can manage time, plan and organize, get self-awareness, accountability for your actions, have a growth mindset, and how to deal with the obstacles that come in your way of accomplishing your goals.


These skills will only help you conquer the term 2 exams but will also remain with you for your entire life.


If you set the right and achievable goals then you will see various positive changes taking place around you. Some of the benefits of goal setting are as follows:



1. Feel inspired


Once you set a goal for yourself, then after accomplishing it you will feel more inspired than before.

Whether it is a short-term goal or a long-term goal, once you accomplish it you will feel very confident and inspired to move to the next step of your life.



2. Reduce the fear of failure


When you set the goal, then even while studying you don’t feel the fear of failure. You know that you are working hard and giving your best shot.


This will shoo away all the fears from your heart.



3. Motivates to try harder


When you set the goal, then you always keep on reminding yourself that your need to push yourself a bit more to succeed in your goal.



4. Imbibe more efficiency


When you have a clear goal set for you, then you won’t have a feeling of self-doubt. You will be very clear that you want to achieve the particular thing and your entire focus should be on that.



Final Thoughts


Once you set the goals, you are all set to start with your term 2 preparation. This will show you amazing results.


Goals are not set to demotivate you but to motivate you towards your dreams to make them into reality. If you are focused for your goal then you will surely see its power.


Scoring high in term 2 board exams is not that difficult if you know the reason behind your goal.


So, what are you waiting for? Set achievable goals and work with whole determination and dedication towards your goals. 



All the Best!


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