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Why Question Banks for Class 10th Are Important from the Beginning of Term 2?

Why Question Banks for Class 10th Are Important from the Beginning of Term 2?

  • December 10, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal
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As soon as the Term I exams for class 10th are over, you must be thinking that there is no need to study from the start of next term. Moreover, you can take a lap of study also.
But, let me tell you that it is not a good approach to go with.
No doubt, you start solving the sample papers once you are done with the entire syllabus. But question banks act as a great supporter throughout your preparation journey.
You must be wondering why do I need this question bank? How is it different from the sample papers?
To clear your doubts in this aspect, you need to walk through further to see how question banks play a key role just from the starting of the term.
By moving on further, you will notice some of the key features of question banks like:


# Exam preparatory material


# Largest pool of questions


# Chapter-wise emphasis

And so on.
To have more knowledge about this keep on reading till the end.


1. Exam preparatory material


With the question banks, you get sufficient material to prepare for the exam. All the material is catered under a single roof with the assistance of the question banks.
Question banks are primarily designed as per the latest marking scheme. They even offer the solved questions with proper answer explanations so that you know that a particular question can be attempted in some other way also.
When you start following this question bank from the starting of term 2 then you will feel more confident and prepared as the syllabus proceeds.

2. Largest pool of questions

Question banks offer you a large number of questions in a chapter-wise fashion that are very important from an examination point of view.
With each question, you will witness the answering tips and commonly made errors. This will take your preparation to the next level.
At the starting of term 2, if you start paying attention to these errors and the most important questions then you can surely excel in your board exams.
Besides that, there is also a fair chance that these questions might be repetitive in your board exam as well. So, prepare them religiously.

3. Chapter-wise emphasis

You will find several scenarios in your classroom when the teacher has taught you a particular concept or chapter. And somehow, you still have various doubts while studying the chapter.
In this situation, question banks come very handily. They come with topic-wise and chapter-wise explanations that will make your concepts crystal clear.
Make it a habit that once the teacher taught you a chapter, you should see all its important questions from the question bank.
This will help you make a strong grip on the syllabus in a chapter-wise format.

4. Self-study mode

With the question banks, you can devote a great time to self-study without any difficulty.
Even without any external supervision, you will be able to get the answers to all the important questions with the help of question banks.
In this question bank, you will even get the previous year board solved questions for every chapter. This will help you gain a focussed study experience.
In addition to this, you will also have the access to the handwritten topper’s answers for practice to boost up your preparation.


5. Innovative learning techniques


Every student is not the same and so does their learning patterns. Studies have revealed that pictures have a more lasting impact on the mind as compared to the theory.
Question banks allow you to learn things innovatively. You will get the mind maps, mnemonics, or concept videos with the question banks.
These techniques will make you're learning a fun experience.
Besides that, you get the revision notes after every chapter so that you can have a glimpse of your learning.
These question banks are designed by some of the prominent and experienced teachers so that you can always rely on their credibility.
If you possess the question banks just from the fresh beginning of term 2 then you won’t face any hassle throughout the term. This will act as a great guide to boost your hard work and dedication for board exams. 


Final Thoughts

Question banks are a true asset that you need to possess from the starting of term 2.
Grabbing them at the earliest will not only save your time but will also give you a sense of motivation and confidence.
All your concepts will be crystal clear with the question banks and you will get enough time to solve an ample number of question papers at the end.
Moreover, with these question banks, you will prepare holistically with the most important questions that have a greater probability to occur in your term exams.
So, why delay when you have the golden opportunity to grab them at the earliest? Just pull up your socks and start preparing for your board exams from the very first day of your term 2.

All the Best!!


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