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  • December 14, 2021
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ISC term 1 exam has come to an end and to excel in your board exams, you need to prepare well for term 2 also.

Both the terms are equally important and you can’t leave a single chance to score high in your board exams.

You need to be organized and smart enough to score well in your term 2 exams.

When it comes to the term 2 exams, one of the most important questions that come to your mind is how to start with the preparation.

You have sufficient time at your disposal so you can make a meticulous preparation plan to conquer your term 2 ISC board exams.

By moving on further, you will come across some of the most amazing ways like:

# Be through with the syllabus

# Have a balanced study plan

# Practice as much as you can

And so on. These are some of the pro tips that can help you easily conquer your ISCE board exams. To deep dive into it keep on reading further.


  1. Be through with the syllabus

To start with your preparation for ISC term 2 exams, you need to be thorough with the syllabus, marking scheme, and format of the exam in the first place.

If you know these things then you can very well proceed with the preparation. This will allow you to have a chapter-wise distribution analysis of the topics.

When you work in this direction, then you also come to know which topics are more important. Besides that, you can also decide which topics require more time as compared to the others.

Everyone is different and so does their learning pattern. There might be chances that if for some student one topic is difficult then you might not find it difficult to deal with.

So, always go with your wits and analyze this thing for yourself.

Also, make sure to follow the latest updated syllabus for enhanced practice. Once you are well-versed with the entire syllabus, you are good to proceed with your preparation.   


  1. Have a balanced study plan

Having a balanced study plan is the key to scoring highest in your term 2 ISC board exams.

If you made an unrealistic study plan to do something unachievable then you will only be disappointed.

Make sure that you design your study plan in a way that after doing some tough subject, you can choose one easy subject to refresh your mind. If you keep on studying a single type of subject then eventually you will get bored.

Moreover, if you design your study plan in a way that you are going to complete 50% syllabus in a single day. Then sorry to say, but it will leave you disheartened at the end of the day.

When you keep small and achievable goals for the day then you will not only feel accomplished. But, you will also feel more motivated and confident to work further.

If you plan on doing one small chapter of an easy subject and a few topics of a tough subject. Then you can easily achieve it and it will ultimately make you happy.

So, always try to make a blended study plan to feel accomplished.


  1. Practice as much as you can

You must have heard the famous saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, to excel in your term 2 exams, you need to implement this saying in your life as well.

Try to practice as many sample papers as you get. When you practice the sample papers, then you not only gain confidence in solving the paper.

But, in addition to that, you also get great familiarity with the paper pattern and the typologies of questions that you might encounter in your exam.

If you solved these papers in a strictly time-bound fashion, then you can also check where you are lacking. By doing this you will come to know whether you were able to manage the exam pressure? Can you complete the exam in time? Where you are lacking?

These are some of the questions that will be answered completely by your practice.

The more you practice, the closer you get to your goal. And this will allow you to work on your weak areas and make your concepts crystal clear. 


  1. Take proper notes

Taking notes is an art that will help you extensively in your board exams. Your hand-written notes will work like a miracle for you.

When you take the notes, you not only get the opportunity to re-think the topic. But, you also get more clarity about it.

It will make your ideas more clear and you will be able to grasp the content in a better fashion.

These notes are not only good while you are studying but they even come in handy during the exams.

You can revisit your notes for the end time revision. This will make your preparation and end-moment revision more effective and easier.

So, make it a habit to take notes while studying. This will take your preparation to the next level.


  1. Don’t neglect yourself

No doubt, exams are important but if you neglect your health for the exams then it is of no use.

While making a study plan, always keep a tab that you are taking out a sufficient amount of time for breaks.

Take out some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy. You can either take a walk, watch a movie, sing or do anything else that refreshes you.

Make sure that you should never neglect your sleep. Taking proper sleep is very essential for your study as well. If you don’t sleep properly then your mind won’t function properly.

Compete with yourself and not with others. When you start comparing your preparation with others then you only stress out yourself.

This will make your feel inferior and you will lose your self-confidence.

Always have faith in what you are doing and give your best shot.


Final Thoughts

By using this strategy you can excel in your ISC term 2 board exams.

You just need to make a balanced study routine and follow some key points to excel in your exams.

Scoring highest is not at all difficult if you stay focused on what you want. When you are sure about your goal then you will find a way to it.

Don’t stress out yourself. Take care of your health and practice as much as you can.

This will act as a stepping stone to your success. So, what are you waiting for? Have a strategy for your preparation and score highest in your board exams. All the Best!!




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