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Which Book is Best for Olympiad Class 4?

Which Book is Best for Olympiad Class 4?

  • April 27, 2024
  • Posted By : Purnesh Kumar

Have you ever wondered why schools conduct Olympiad Exams? All schools conduct them, but they don't tell you why or what the benefits are. Olympiad Exams are nationwide and international competitive exams held to uncover children's hidden talents. They promote concept-based learning through scientific reasoning and critical thinking. The students of all schools compete with each other. The syllabus includes questions from Math, Science, Computer IT, and English.  

The Exam is conducted by various government and private organizations across the country for Classes 1-12. The Exam is of objective type and consists of multiple choice questions. 

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The Best Olympiad books to prepare for Class 4 is from Oswaal Books 

They come in 5 Subjects - Maths, English, Cyber, Science, and General Knowledge

Let's take a Look at some of the amazing features of Olympiad Books 

1- Comprehensive Coverage

The Book provides comprehensive coverage of all topics in the Olympiad Syllabus. This ensures that students have a thorough understanding of all the concepts.

2- Practice Questions 

The Book contains numerous practice questions that help students to apply what they have learned. These questions are similar to those that appear in the Olympiad, which makes it easier for students to prepare.  


3- Solutions 

The Book provides detailed solutions to all the questions. This helps students to understand where they went wrong and how to correct their mistakes 

4- Mock Tests 

The Olympiad Books include Mock Tests that simulate the actual Olympiad. This helps the students get a feel for the Exam and prepares them for the actual test. 

5- Easy to understand 

The Book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language. This makes it easy for students to grasp the students. 

6- 100% Updated - 

The One for All Olympiad is 100% updated with the latest questions of the previous year Olympiad Exams. 

7- Valuable Exam Insights - 

The Olympiad Books gives 3 types of Questions for Level 1, Level 2 and Achievers. So that one can prepare and practice easy, medium and difficult questions. 

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Olympiad Exams help students to think critically and reason things from a young age. It aids in brain development. Remember the key to success in any Olympiad Exam is regular practice and understanding the concepts in a logical manner. Therefore, irrespective of the Book you choose, make sure to dedicate enough time to study and practice.

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