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  • December 26, 2021
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The phenomenon of learning is ever-evolving.


It's time to move with the pace of life and do SOME smart work.


There are a lot of study hacks that will not only save your time but will also help you in soaring your grades high.




Hold On!!


What these hacks are?


Are they even reliable? What if I follow these hacks and my performance still goes down the hill?


Let me tell you these study hacks have been tested by experts!   


So, without delaying much let’s come to the point!



1. Wake Up! 

One of the greatest hindrances you will find in your way of studying is not waking up on time.


Alarm starts!! Alarm snoozes!! And this cycle goes on.


Problem is not you, and it’s not just you but various other students find difficulty in waking up.


Now, here’s the hack!


Instead of using a mobile phone for setting an alarm, use a physical alarm clock. And place that clock somewhere in your far way from your bed and on the highest sound.


So, when the time would come, the alarm will ring, and to switch off the alarm, you’ll wake up!





2. Start with the Tough!

Starting with the most difficult task in the day will make you feel more accomplished.


Suppose, you don't like Maths so you plan this for the end of the day, and Physics is your strong subject so you plan it to do first. For the entire day, you will think about Maths and this will even ruin your concentration power on Physics.


So, always make it a habit to go for the difficult task in the first place. This will make you feel more accomplished and confident. It will also help to complete other small tasks effortlessly.



3. Kill the Distractions

You got only limited time in your daily routine. And it’s your responsibility to use your time wisely.


Even while studying, you spend way more time grabbing a concept with distractions than without distractions.


Make a list of all these distractions.


Try to shoo away these distractions from your mind.


This will make your mind crystal clear and you will study more effectively.



4. Get virtual study buddies

It is not always a good idea to study alone!


Sometimes studying with your peers will not only save your time but will also help you to understand concepts in a better fashion.


But, due to this pandemic, it has not at all been feasible to meet people physically.


Then how can we do this?


Having virtual study sessions is one of the top-notch ideas to study effectively.


Ask out your friends, are they interested? If they are, then plan a session and make the most out of it.



5. Stop Being Monotonous!

Do you enjoy doing the same thing over and over again?


Doesn’t it make your life monotonous?


Well, due to this pandemic everyone's life has been captivated in a single place.


If you always study by sitting at the same place, then sooner or later boredom will start taking a toll on you.


To increase your productivity while studying, make it a habit to keep on changing between your space and time. This will make you feel less distracted and you will even save a great amount of time from it.



6. Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

Goals are a great gateway to make you closer to your dreams.


While studying, you need to set your goals in a S.M.A.R.T. way.


By this, it means that your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.


If you employ this, you can witness impeccable results in no time.



7. Make Mind Maps

Whether you make Mind Maps manually or digitally, they are always a great way to help you in the study.


With these Mind Maps, you can easily grasp the concept in a single go. They are a great way of retrieval practice. Moreover, they act as a boon when you want to retain something complicated in your mind.


When you make Mind Maps, then you write only a few things about the concept.


And this helps to make the concept crystal clear in front of you.


You need not go through the chapter or the topic from scratch and they will save a lot of time for you.



8. Order Is Important

Have you ever wondered that in order which you do things also has an impact to make?


If not, then this is also a considerable factor to save your time.


While deciding upon the order of doing tasks start with the most difficult one.


Studies have revealed that the tasks that you do in early sessions have a greater tendency to retain in your memory than the tasks that you do at a later stage.


So, if you have the choice to select the order of your tasks then go with the harder ones in the first place.



9. Try Von Restorff Effect

Hilarious or unusual things have a more lasting impact on our minds than normal ones.


Do you also agree with this?


It is a proven fact that unusual things have a more lasting impact on our memory. Some of you might be thinking that how this can be a study hack?


Well, let's say you want to learn some concept that seems to be very boring. While making a Mind Map for that, try to write some joke or some unrelated thing on the same Mind Map.


This will help you remember that thing more precisely.


And you can feel the difference.


Do you know these 5 science-backed benefits of Mind Maps! Read to learn more!  



10. Pictures have a Long-Lasting Impact

You must have noticed that the things that you encounter daily are more familiar to you than the ones that you see at some intervals.


This same approach can be applied to the study.


For instance, you want to learn the periodic table. Then instead of cramming it or banging your mind for it. Apply it as your phone wallpaper, laptop wallpaper, or some manual wallpaper on your wall.


This will make your eye regularly fall on it and you will read it regularly. And will make the learning process easier.


Besides, it will save a lot of time for other things as well.


Isn’t it amazing?



Final Verdict

By now, you must have encountered some of the doable and effective study hacks that you can go for.


These hacks will act as a life savior for you. And in addition to hard work, you will also learn the art of smart work that is a must-have for the nowadays competitive world.


So, what are you waiting for?


Just use these hacks and do let us know in the comment section below if they worked for you.


All the Best!


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