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CBSE Board Exam 2023

CBSE Board Exam 2023

  • December 30, 2022
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CBSE Board Exam 2023

How can Teachers ensure Students' Readiness and Positive Psychological Health?

Just a few months remain till the Class 10th and 12th CBSE Board Exam 2023, and candidates have already begun a variety of preparation tactics. For a student, this is the most important period as they fight to manage the demanding study schedule and pressure to perform well on the board test. Institutions operate their own counselling programs that they use to help students deal with their nervousness over the board exams. It is a difficult period for the parents as well as the pupils. They want their children to perform well on the examinations yet may end up causing them needless worry. At this point in the exam prep process, parents must assist and maintain their child's motivation.

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Check out some suggestions to assist students to stay focused during the CBSE Board Exam 2023.

Negative self-talk should be avoided

You could slow down your own rate of learning the instant you pick up your book and begin telling yourself things like, "I'll never finish the content before the exam," "I'll fail tomorrow," or "I'll disappoint everyone." Try becoming your own biggest advocate by saying things such, "I know my topic well," "I will finish the syllabus," and "I can accomplish this." Put an end to the negative thoughts you are having and strive to be positive.

Maintain a regular sleeping routine

It's critical to get enough sleep the night before any exam. An adequate sleep pattern helps some people focus better and recall chapters and subjects more quickly. You must give heed to your food patterns and practise healthy eating in addition to your sleep routine. To clear your mind of clutter, you can also practice mindfulness and deep breathing techniques.

Get ready in advance

One week before to the test, schedule your day. By doing this, you will have more time to study and review than if you cram at the last minute. As soon as you begin to plan ahead, you will feel more confident, and your worry will subside rapidly. Be aware of when you study and comprehend concepts the simplest—it may be in the early morning or the late evening. Use sticky notes, notebooks, and colourful stickers to highlight key passages or insert information into any book.

Prioritize your tasks

Divide your time carefully across different activities. Make a schedule and allot adequate time to finish tests, go over previously learned material, and study new material. You must develop the skills necessary to set learning objectives and plan the class at your convenience as students. Additionally, students should set aside some time for criticism and reflection. You can ask your professors or your peers for advice.

Teachers’ Advice

We all hold our Teachers in the highest regard since they are so important to our time in high school and college. Most of us are interested in learning how our teachers and seniors handle the stress and anxiety associated with exams. For students to overcome test anxiety, most professors place an early emphasis on habit formation and time management. Effective and strategic study methods will assist us perform better in tests.

Let's examine a few brief suggestions that we might include into our everyday routines to assist better handle test stress:

Establish a daily practise of studying and reviewing the teachings.
Make a study schedule. Believe in yourself.
Never wait until the final second or day to do anything.
While studying, take brief notes and constantly referring to them.
Focus on comprehending and learning effectively rather than switching to cramming.
Maintain a regular sleep pattern and a healthy diet.
When in doubt, ask your subject instructor for assistance.
Make it your obligation to achieve a goal that you have set. Cut back on interruptions.


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