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  • April 01, 2022
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English has become one of the most popular languages in our country.


But when it comes to speaking or writing the language fluently then that’s the place where things go sideways.  


Most people find great difficulty in the language but they don't have much time for improving their command of the language.


If you are a student then, you must have encountered the scenario that you are pro at every subject. But, when it comes to English you are unable to score pretty well.


What’s the reason behind it? Aren’t you comfortable with the language?


Are you the one who is also sailing in the same boat?


If your answer is a big nod YES!! Then, need not worry!


In this fast-paced lifestyle, we have come up with some of the most amazing ways that can help you improve your English skills.


You just need to stay glued to this blog till the end and you will encounter some of the top-notch ways to improve your English.


So, without much delay let's get started and see how you can improve your English.



Why improve English?


Before knowing the ways to improve English, it is very important to understand the reason why you want to improve your English.


If you don’t have a concrete reason behind improving, then how will you become better at it?


Therefore, it is very important to have proper knowledge of the driving force behind improving English.


English is one of the foreign languages that will help you make your brain stronger and smart.


It’s the world’s official Lingua Franca.


If you have a great command of the language, then you not only feel your self-worth but you also get some extra confidence to talk with people with different backgrounds.


Moreover, if you are a student, then you will face most of your question papers in the English language.


And, if you are not well-versed with the language then you won’t be able to decipher the questions properly.


All these reasons will help you ignite the burning desire within to improve your English skills.



Benefits of improving English


Several benefits make English one of the most acceptable languages in the country.


Once you come across its benefits, you will get great motivation to improve the language.


Let's have a look at some of the benefits that the English language has in-store for you.


1. Improved memory


When you learn English, then you get an opportunity to learn a second language. This will help your brain to process things accordingly.


As a result, it will assist in improving your memory.



2. Improved listening skills


When you listen to your teacher while they deliver a lecture in English in the classroom, then it enhances your listening skills.


You try to follow what your teacher is saying and this makes you more focused on what is being taught in the class.



3. Great educational prospects


If you are good at English, then it will open doors for you to study at prestigious schools and colleges outside the country.


It will widen your learning horizon and make you feel accomplished.



How to improve English?


No matter whether you are a student or some other working professional, you will find the need of improving your English skills at every stage of life.


So, it is very important to cater to those needs at the earliest stage and gain maximum out of it.


Let’s have a look at some of the magnanimous ways that will help you in improving your English skills.


1. Take out designated time each day


Just having the thought of improving English won't land you anywhere if you don't put something into action.


On the same grounds, you should keep a separate time for improving English every day.


It doesn't mean that you will dedicate 3-4 hours to improve your English only. You just need to spend a little time every day and it will collectively account for bigger results.



2. Explore new words everyday


You will improve your English skills when you will hold a good grip on your vocabulary. To enhance your vocabulary, you can follow a very simple approach.


Whenever you’re reading something in English keep a pen and dairy with you. Whenever a word or a line or phrase or a quote or a idiom or a metaphor, or a proverb, or anything seems new to you, just Google it’s meaning and write that down in your dairy.


Suppose you are coming across 10 such words every day, and you’re writing them down in your dairy, then, by the end of the year, you’ll have learned more than 3000 new words. You have just created your own handmade dictionary. It’s amazing, right?


Think of any four words in your regional language that you are unaware of in English translation.


Take a notebook and write those four words in it.


Then use resources like the internet or dictionary to find meanings of those words in English and write them in the notebook.


You can do this task first thing in the morning. And, for the rest of day keep on revising those four new words that you have learned.


Don't pressurize yourself on the usage of those words at an earlier stage. Just find their meanings and enrich your vocabulary to improve your English skills.


This will help you learn 120 new words in an entire month. Isn’t it astonishing that a small step can bring a lot of difference!



3. Spend a little time before your next English class


You have your English book handy and you even have your syllabus.


Before going for the next English class on the next day, try to take out some time and spend reading the chapter that will be taught in the class.


You will read that chapter for the very first time and you will try to understand the most out of it.


This will even help to come over the struggles that you will face while going through the chapter for the very first time.


Now, on the very next day, when the teacher will teach that lesson in the classroom, you can easily make out how much you have understood.


In addition to that, you will also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can which will help you improve in English.



4. Try to think in English


“Try to think in English”, this may seem to be weird at the first instant. But, you will be stunned to know that when you push yourself to think in English, then, you can see wonderful results.


But, the question is, how to think in English?


It’s the regular tendency of our brain to think in our regional language whenever we are thinking or planning about something.


You need to convince yourself that you have to think in English. It will be not very easy in the first place because you are habitual of thinking in a particular pattern.


But, once you start thinking in English, you will come across various words that you are unable to get in English.


Write down those words in a notebook and try to find out their meanings afterward.


This will help you improve your vocabulary which will ultimately improve your English.



5. Try to converse in English with your family


Everyone in your family won't agree to converse in English with you for the entire day. So, you can discuss a one-time slot in a week with your family when all of you will converse in English.


For example, you can set up one hour during the evening snacks time on Sunday to chit-chat with your family in English.


This will help you improve your speaking skills and you will feel more confident after every speaking session.



6. Review your English lesson at the end of the day


If you have learned something in English class then don't end that thing just in the class.


Make it a habit to spend at least 10 minutes at home to revise the things or new words that you learned in the class.


It will help to keep the things fresh in the memory and it will stay intact in the longer run.



7. Listen to others


The more you pay attention to others, the more you will learn.


For example, if you are working on a group project in a class and everyone is conversing in class. Try to pay proper attention to what others are saying.


There might be a situation in which someone has made a mistake, so, instead of making fun of others, you should politely step in and tell them the correct thing.


Because the same situation can even happen to you.


You can assimilate to a great extent by listening to others. This will also give you a brownie point to learn from others' mistakes.





English is a universal language that can be easily improved upon.


You just need to be consistent and give your 100% dedication and devotion to learning the language.


The above tips can help you to a great extent to have a command over the language and improve every day by completing a small milestone.


So, why not give it a shot?


Try out these easy-peasy ways to improve your English and do write us in the comment section about the most interesting way to improve English!






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