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Learning is Good, Learning from the Best is Better! Learn How to Win at CBSE Class 10 Board Exams!

Learning is Good, Learning from the Best is Better! Learn How to Win at CBSE Class 10 Board Exams!

  • December 01, 2022
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CBSE Board Exam 2023, always starts shivering, right!

Let’s first understand why exactly you need something other than regular CBSE textbooks. As a class 10 student with higher goals, you need to prepare with everything, the question banks and CBSE sample papers and NCERT textbooks, and so forth.

This would appear overwhelming, and that’s why you need a separate book for revisions. The question banks provide better understanding of concepts, and CBSE sample papers bring forth advanced practice, therefore students need something for revisions as well.

Oswaal has recently launched their formidable tool to help students during last minute revision days, Oswaal LMP (Last-Minute Revision System). To cut the story short, LMP is the system that you need to win the boards.

Let’s understand the Oswaal LPM in brief before going into details. What last-minute preparation system has to help you succeed in CBSE 2023 class 10 board exams?

1. Keep your focus clear
2. Jumpstart your Revisions
3. Ignite your practice with sample papers


Now, as class 10 students require a lot of revision and that too in a short time, Oswaal LMP system helps to provide the students with the same. So basically, it’s a guidebook that you must have on your desk during the last days.

Let’s see some of the benefits for class 10 students with the Oswaal CBSE LMP system –


1. Latest CBSE sample papers with Trend Analysis

The Last-Minute Preparation (LMP) system is curated for each student of CBSE board to win at board exams. During the preparation time it’s fairly common to feel anxious. So, with LMP, students can analyse the 2023 board exam syllabus paper pattern with sample papers to get ahead of others in CBSE board exam 2023 preparations.


2. Mind Maps & Mnemonics for crisp and quick revision

Mind Maps and Mnemonics are also included for longer effective retention and to make learning simple for class 10 students. Mind Maps provide enhanced visual depiction of every nuance of the CBSE class 10 syllabus, and therefore facilitates longer retention.


3. Revision Notes & Concept Videos for quick recall

There must be some concepts or topics that may appear difficult to the students which are not that worked up and that’s why students can take help of CBSE LMP system. The Last-minute preparation system contains concise chapter-wise and topic-wise revision notes and concept videos for around 1000+ concepts to recall the most important details of all the concepts studied for CBSE class 10 & 12 board exam.


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