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  • January 05, 2022
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NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the mandatory exam that you need to give to take admission into government medical colleges after the 12th.


It is one of the toughest medical exams that has high cut-offs and extreme competition while admissions.


This exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admissions to undergraduate medical courses.


You require a great deal of patience, perseverance, and hard work to crack this exam.


To crack NEET, you need to burn your midnight oil to get to the college of your dreams.


But, how can you crack it?


By moving on further, you will find out various proven tips to crack your NEET exam like:


# Design a meticulous strategy


# Gain in-depth knowledge


# Practice Practice Practice


And so on.


So, without delaying much, let’s crack NEET.



1. Design a Meticulous Strategy


Designing a proper strategy is pivotal for any exam.

And for NEET, you need to understand that it's not a regular exam that can cracked in last few days.


You need to understand that in this exam, your competition will be around the nation. And there is a large number of candidates that sit every year for this exam.


Whether you want to join coaching or do the self-study, you should decide upon this at an early stage.


Make a clear goal and poke yourself with the question of why you want to crack NEET. This will help you feel more motivated and fill you with more enthusiasm to crack NEET.



2. Gain In-depth Knowledge


When you are preparing for NEET, then you need to have in-depth knowledge about every concept of the syllabus.


For instance, you give a test and you come to analyze that you are weak in certain areas. So, if you start preparing only those topics then it will not land you anywhere.


You need to prepare the entire chapter with an in-depth understanding to crack the NEET exam. Revise the chapter thoroughly and this will help you gain better insights into the chapter.


No one can analyze your performance better than yourself.


When you are preparing, you can see the areas where you are lacking and where you have a great grasping power.


This will help you focus on the areas where you genuinely need improvement.


Always remember that don’t try to cram the topics. Even if you don’t understand some topic then try to find some other ways to learn it. But, don’t cram it at any cost. It won’t give you any in-depth knowledge.  



3. Practice Practice Practice


Practice is the ultimate key to success in the NEET exam. The more you practice, the more familiar you become with the pattern and confident you become about the pattern of NEET.


Try to solve as many practice papers as they come across your way. Solving the previous year's papers is also a good option to go with.


While solving the practice test, make sure to solve it in a time-bound fashion. If you do so, then you will feel the pressure of the exam. And this will help you realize how you will perform under pressure.


You will even witness how you can manage time while solving the paper. This will also help you find the key areas where you got stuck. Practice helps you get a step closer to perfection.


Your knowledge will also increase when you practice the test papers. As you will revisit some of the potential areas that can cause the problem on the day of the exam.


You will gain more confidence while solving the practice papers that will be very beneficial for you.



4. Have Quality Question Bank


Question banks are a great source of knowledge that can assist you in your exam preparation.


Having a quality question bank will make you aware of some of the most important previous year questions that can even come in your NEET exam.


Don't go for a question bank that has a repetitive question. As it will not enhance your knowledge. Grabbing the previous 34 years' question bank is the optimum choice for your needs.


Even if you get stuck somewhere then these solved papers will help you get the ideal answers for those questions. You will get the proper explanations with each answer so your doubts are also resolved.


Go for the question bank that you can solve in the time you have in hand for the NEET exam. Because going for an extensively large question bank is of no use when you can’t use it effectively.


You will get questions of all difficulty levels and quality in the question banks. So, always select a full-fledged question bank that is sufficient enough to suffice your requirements.



5. Revise Incorrectly Attempted Questions


You can’t crack NEET if you don’t improve upon your mistakes.


Doing mistakes is perfectly alright. But, you need to take the measure to correct them and improve upon them also.


While practicing, you will encounter various questions that you have attempted incorrectly. In the meantime, you must have seen the answer and then you forget about it.


In this way, you will never improve. You should always revise the questions that you have attempted incorrectly. Bookmark those questions and mark the important questions.


When you revise those questions you keep on revising the concept behind them. And it will be very helpful if you encounter a similar type of question in your exam.


Always remember that to crack NEET you are going to compete with students from all across the nation. So, you can’t leave any stone unturned.


On top of all, don't be fearful of this competition and follow a healthy spirit to compete. This will help you gain a better rank and perform well in the exam.



Final Thoughts


You can easily crack the NEET exam if you follow these tips. You need to focus on your goal and your path will be clear in front of you.


Make sure that you do a sufficient amount of practice. And solve an ample number of questions. This will boost your confidence to perform well in the exam.


By doing so, you will get the jest of true NEET exam and the areas where you can improve.


If you come to know about these areas well in advance then you get sufficient time to improve upon them.


Always have faith in your preparation and never feel demotivated. You are doing your best and you will surely get a good rank.


So, just pull up your socks and start with your NEET preparation with enthusiasm to land your dream medical college.


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All the Best!!



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