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Score 100/100 in Class 10 Maths Board Exam

Score 100/100 in Class 10 Maths Board Exam

  • October 11, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal
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How to score maximum in class 10 maths CBSE board exam?


Do’s and don’ts for class 10 maths CBSE board exam


Do self-study of the topics which are covered on daily basis, 2 to 3 hours of self-study will be sufficient for your class 10 maths board exam preparations.


If you look at the syllabus of 10th mathematics, it could appear to be 9th class syllabus, but 10th class mathematics is harder from class 9 mathematics because new concepts and topics are introduced here.


Quadratic Equation: It’s the most conceptual chapter of Algebra unit and you shouldn’t miss any concept. Practice all types of problems from this chapter.


Arithmetic Progressions: New but easy chapter and students can cover it faster.


Geometry – Triangles - Circles: This unit may appear boring but it carries 15 marks and so you must devote a good amount of time. You need to understand all the theorems and solve all exercises based on these theorems.

Trigonometry: This is a whole new concept for class 10 students and requires longer than all other units. It is one of the most crucial chapters. It’s recommended to take help of previous year questions to speed up the learning for class 10 maths CBSE board exam.


Frustum of a cone: It’s a small but conceptual topic. You must have an idea of cone and geometry to understand it. However, many questions will be solved just using the formula. This chapter is not among the important ones.

All the topics whether easy or difficult can be covered by NCERT book. Read each line of the book and practice all the exercise and miscellaneous problems. Buy a good sample paper like sample paper is amazing since it follows the latest paper pattern and gives detailed solutions to each question. practising from sample papers would amplify your confidence for your board exam.

Mathematics is all about practice. The more you practice, the more your encounter different types of problems, the better your concept gets.


1. Solve all the NCERT questions. I tell this to every student. NCERT textbook is your Bible. Be thorough with all the sums of NCERT. When I say solve, I mean take a pen and book, write, and solve. DO NOT READ MATHS, PRACTICE IT.

When you are practicing maths, keep a thin book with you to write down all the formulae. Make sure you write what each variable stands for. Whenever you have time, go through formulae. If not use it for last minute reference before entering your exam hall.

After solving NCERT questions thoroughly, dig up all previous year question papers. Dig previous 10 year’s question paper. Solve them using timer. Make sure you complete your paper (write the answer the way you would write in your exam, with all the steps) in 2.5 hrs. Attempt your co-ordinate geometry and statistics questions also within this 2.5 hour. This will improve your speed.

Grab a reference book and solve them as much as possible. Approach your tuition of school teacher if you are not able to solve. Please remember, while checking the solutions of solved questions in reference book, there is a chance that your method might be different, or your final answer does not match. Don’t fret, books can be wrong at times. Again, approach your teacher.


"All the Best for Class 10 maths CBSE Board Exam"



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