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Creative Designer & Video Editor APPLY NOW

Full time

Job Title: Creative Designer & Video Editor

Job Location: Agra

Job Type: Full-time

Experience Level: Mid to Senior-level (3-8 years)

Job Description:

We are looking for a highly talented and experienced Creative Designer & Video Editor to join our creative team. As a Creative Designer & Video Editor, you will be responsible for producing visually stunning designs and compelling video content that aligns with our brand and captivates our audience. This role requires a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a keen understanding of visual storytelling.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Graphic Design:

a. Conceptualize and design engaging visuals for various platforms, including digital and print materials.

b. Create visually appealing layouts, illustrations, and graphics that communicate brand messages effectively.

2. Video Editing:

a. Edit and assemble raw footage to create compelling video content for marketing, social media, and other channels.

b. Incorporate visual effects, graphics, and animations to enhance video storytelling.

3. Storyboarding:

a. Develop storyboards and visual concepts for video projects to effectively communicate creative ideas and project plans.

4. Brand Consistency:

a. Ensure consistency in design elements and brand guidelines across all visual materials and videos.

b. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to maintain a unified brand identity.

5. Animation and Motion Graphics:

a. Create dynamic animations and motion graphics to elevate the visual appeal of videos and presentations.

b. Stay updated on industry trends in animation and integrate innovative techniques into projects.

6. Collaboration:

a. Collaborate closely with other members of the creative team, including writers, designers, and marketers, to bring concepts to life.

7. Client Interaction:

a. Interact with clients to understand their visual and video content requirements.

b. Present design concepts and video edits, incorporating client feedback as needed.

Qualifications and Skills:

1. Educational Background:

a. Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Film Production, or a related field.

2. Experience:

a. 3-8 years of professional experience in graphic design and video editing.

3. Portfolio:

a. A strong and diverse portfolio showcasing a range of graphic design projects and video editing work.

b. Demonstrated ability to create visually compelling content.

4. Software Proficiency:

a. Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects).

b. Familiarity with other video editing and design tools is a plus.

5. Creativity:

a. Innovative thinking and the ability to bring fresh ideas to both design and video projects.

b. Strong conceptual and visual storytelling skills.

6. Attention to Detail:

a. Exceptional attention to detail in graphic design, video editing, and overall project execution.

7. Communication Skills:

a. Effective communication skills to present ideas, discuss concepts, and collaborate with team members.

8. Time Management:

a. Efficient time management skills to handle multiple design and video editing projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.

Key Result Areas (KRAs):

1. Design and Video Excellence:

a. Produce high-quality graphic designs and video content that meet or exceed project objectives.

2. Brand Adherence:

a. Ensure that all designs and videos align with and enhance the established brand identity.

3. Project Delivery:

a. Meet project deadlines consistently while maintaining the quality of work.

4. Collaborative Success:

a. Contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment through effective communication and teamwork.

Interested candidates can share their resume at recruitment@oswaalbooks.com / hrlead@oswaalbooks.com


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Dear Candidate, Thank you for applying against our advertised job at Oswaal Books & Learning Pvt Ltd, Agra. We are in the process of receiving and reviewing job applications. Should we wish to proceed further with your candidature if found matching our requirement then we shall get in touch with you. Warm Regards, Team Recruitment

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