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Full time

Job Title: Customer Relations Executive (M/F)

Experience: 2-5 Yrs.

Location: Agra

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Description:

As a Customer Relations Executive at Oswaal Books learning pvt. Ltd, you will play a vital role in ensuring exceptional customer experiences and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. Your primary responsibility will be to liaise between clients and the company to address inquiries, resolve issues, and facilitate smooth communication. This position requires excellent interpersonal skills, a customer-centric approach, and a deep understanding of the printing and publishing industry.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Client Communication:

  - Serve as the main point of contact for clients, addressing their inquiries, requests, and concerns in a timely and professional manner.

  - Build and nurture strong, long-lasting client relationships through regular communication and follow-ups.

2. Order Coordination:

  - Collaborate with internal teams (sales, production, and billing) to ensure accurate and on-time order fulfilment.

  - Monitor order progress and provide clients with updates as needed.

3. Issue Resolution:

  - Investigate and resolve customer issues, including order discrepancies, quality concerns, or delays.

  - Take proactive steps to prevent potential problems and ensure client satisfaction.

4. Product Knowledge:

  - Develop a deep understanding of the company's printing and publishing services, materials, and customization options.

5. Feedback Collection:

  - Solicit and compile client feedback on our services and products.

  - Share feedback with the relevant teams to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

6. Sales Support:

  - Collaborate with the sales team to identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities to existing clients.

  - Assist in the preparation of proposals and quotes for clients.

7. Documentation and Reporting:

  - Maintain accurate records of client interactions and transactions.

  - Generate regular reports on customer inquiries, feedback, and trends.


1.     Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field (preferred).

2.     Proven experience in customer service or client relations in Banking, Insurance and any service industry.

3.     Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. (Mandatory)

4.     Strong problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach to addressing client needs.

5.     Proficiency in using CRM software and other customer management tools.

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