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  • April 04, 2022
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Exam times bring a pool of mixed emotions on your way.


Sometimes you feel confident, sometimes you doubt your preparation, sometimes you feel motivated, and on the other days, you feel like breaking out.


Being a student you might have gone through all these emotions in one way or the other throughout your preparation journey.


Still, you are preparing for the upcoming term 2 board exams. No matter whether you are a student of class 10 or class 12, you have that nostalgia about the difficulty level of the exam.


With every passing day, you are getting one step closer to the term 2 board exams.


And with each new day, your head gets piled up with new questions regarding the term 2 board exams.


You are giving your best, but still, you will get a soothing feeling if you have an idea about the difficulty level of the term 2 exams.


Term 2 exams are going to be epic because these are the first subjective exams that are going to be conducted after 2 long years.


Most people are claiming that term 2 exams will be the toughest of all the previous board exams.


You must have heard it. Right?


These types of things make you more anxious. 


So, to understand this thing in a better fashion, we have to go through every minute detail of the term 2 exams. Only then, we can analyze why everyone is saying them toughest?


Just hold on to the running horses in your head and keep on reading this blog till the end to get the facts clear about the term 2 exams.



Are term 2 exams canceled?


There was much news earlier regarding the cancellation of the term 2 exams. Students also plead in the supreme court for the cancellation of the exams.


But, the supreme court has made it clear that the exams are not scrapped up and will be conducted as per the earlier decisions.


So, don't fall prey to rumors and keep on preparing for the term 2 exams.


Authorities are well aware of the pandemic situation and they will make the decision that will be in the best interest of all. Therefore, have faith in it and keep on moving further.



When will term 2 exams be conducted?


Before digging deep into the difficulty level of the term 2 board exams, it is very important to know the timetable for the term 2 exams.


Term 2 exams will commence on April 26, 2022, for both classes 10 and 12. The board has even released the date sheet on the official website.


You can check the date sheet to get acquainted with the exact exam schedule for the term 2 exams.


Unlike the previous board exams, term 2 exams won’t be conducted in two shifts. The exam will start at 10.30 am only for every class.


The board has taken proper care that you get sufficient time between two exams for better revision. In case there are fewer days for another exam, then that exam is shifted to another date.


In addition to that, the board has also taken proper care of the competitive exam schedule while setting the date sheet for the board exams.


Now, you only have a few weeks in your hand and you need to make the most out of it.


No matter how your term 1 exam was gone, you still have a chance to make an impact in your board exams with the term 2 exams.


So, don't lose hope and stay focused on the upcoming term 2 exams.



What will be the pattern of term 2 exams?


Unlike the term 1 exams that were completely MCQ-based, you need to prepare for the objective as well as the subjective type of questions for this time.


The official sample papers released on the website gave a proper glimpse that there are subjective questions in addition to the one mark or multiple choice questions in the sample paper.


Therefore, you have to pull up your socks to have a preparation for writing long answers in the exam.


The exam will be conducted for 2 hours and you will even encounter case-based questions in your term 2 examinations.


So, you should prepare according to the pattern for the term 2 exams to feel confident on the day of the exam rather than feeling alienated.



What will be the weightage of term 2 exams?


Earlier, CBSE has made it clear that both the terms i.e. term 1 and term 2 will carry equal weightage in contributing to the overall results for the board exams.


But, after seeing the results of term 1, most of the students are disheartened.


Many private schools have even written to the CBSE to lower the weightage of term 1 by 20-30% and increase the weightage of term 2 exams by 70-80%.


They don’t want students to suffer as most of the students are not at all happy with their scorecards.


However, CBSE has already made a point that no student will be declared as pass or fail based on term 1 results. But, still, many students are worried about their overall percentage.


CBSE has not given any decision on the same. So, let’s hope for the best and see what the board will decide upon the weightage.



Why term 2 exams will be the toughest?


Now comes the most awaited section for which you have been reading this blog from the beginning.


You must be wondering why the term 2 exams will be the toughest because they are going to be subjective. So, what’s the big deal?


Earlier also board exams were in subjective format, so what’s so different for term 2?


Well, earlier the pandemic was not there!


The pandemic has changed the entire examination scenario over the last two years. And all thanks to it, you don't even have much practice in answer writing.


Two major perspectives can help analyze the difficulty level of the term 2 exams.


We’ll see both these perspectives and see how term 2 exams are the toughest!



General perspective


In general, how could you predict that term 2 exams will be difficult or not?


Well, you can only get an idea about them based on the things like latest sample papers. Right?


Three important factors will help you see what the difficulty level for the term 2 exams is.



1. Sample Papers


By this time, you must have gone through various sample papers for the term 2 exams. Either they are official sample papers or sample papers from some good publication house.


You must have seen that all the sample papers have a variety of questions and the typologies that you need to cover for the exam.


To complete such a variety in addition to practice answer writing makes term 2 exams tougher.



2. Past Exam: Term 1


Most of the students are not happy with the term 1 results. The major reason behind this is the low marks and only the MCQ format.


In MCQ, there is no mid-way. You either get an answer correct or incorrect. Therefore, you will either get full marks or zero for an answer.


This has raised the bar of the difficulty level of the exam. Scoring in subjective exams is easier than objective because you have an opportunity for step-wise marking.


But, the experts expect that term 2 exams will have the same bar as the term 1 exams.



3. Previous Year Exams


In previous years, exams used to be conducted in a subjective format. But, those exams don't have case-based studies as it is being introduced for term 2 exams.


No doubt, students have done a lot of practice for the same but the lack of confidence for attempting these type of questions make the term 2 exams tougher for the students.



Teacher’s perspective


Teachers are closely associated with the students and they are thinking that term 2 exams will be the toughest of the previous board exams.


The major reason behind this is not the lack of knowledge among the students but the lack of practice for answer writing among them.


Students have set themselves in a comfort zone of attempting the objective type of papers which is making it more difficult for them to get ahead with the subjective exams.


Most of the students in class 10 or 12 are those students who have been promoted to the board classes without any examination in previous classes.


Therefore, a huge gap of 2 years of written practice needs to be covered for the students to sit in term 2 exams which is making them the toughest.


Some of the issues which teachers have figured out are:



1. Time management


Students lack a habit of writing long answers. And, to succeed in term 2 exams, it is very important to have a good hold on it.


Even if the students are trying their every bit to practice answer writing they are falling prey to time management issues.


You can also face a situation where you know the answer to a question but you are unable to complete that because you are unable to manage your time well.


This is the major reason behind the increased difficulty level for term 2 exams.



2. Low confidence


You have prepared a lot for the exam and there is no stone that you left unturned for the exam.


But, when you hear the name of term 2 exams, your hands and feet start freezing. This is just due to the lack of confidence in your preparation.


Most of the teachers have also pointed out this issue and said if the students don't have faith in their preparation then they will find the term 2 exam difficult even after knowing everything.



3. Increased stress


You are sailing in two boats at this time. On one hand, you need to prepare for the board exams and on the other side, you are also preparing for entrance exams like JEE.


Both of these exams have a different pattern that creates a lot of buzz among the students regarding preparation. It has increased the stress level among the students by ten-fold.


Therefore, it can make the term 2 exams one of the toughest exams of the previous board exams.


Most schools have seen this trend among the students. To help the students conquer term 2 exams and obtain good board results, they are frequently taking pre-boards and other session tests.


In addition to that, they are also organizing some yoga sessions so that students can feel more relaxed and concentrated during the exams.





No doubt, term 2 exams will be the toughest as compared to the previous board exams.


But, now, you know all the valid facts that make this exam the toughest of all.


So, why not focus on the solution rather than the problem?


Stay confident, practice answer writing, and manage your time well. Moreover, get a strong grip on NCERT concepts.


Once you are well-equipped with all these, there is barely any chance that you will find term 2 exams tough.


Every single day counts!!


So, start with these things from now on and see what changes you feel inside you.


Do write us in the comment section about your opinions on term 2 exams!






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