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  • April 15, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


The JEE Main 2022 exams both sessions have been rescheduled by the National Testing Agency. NTA will now conduct the Session 1 exams from June 20 to 29, 2022 and Session 2 from July 21 to 30, 2022.


While the demand for postponement of exams was supported by most students considering its obvious class with the start of CBSE Term 2 examinations, many also do not seem happy with the postponement, a reason that it will again disrupt the momentum of preparation which they are carrying.


But for the larger good, this decision to postpone is taken by the board so that students get ample time for focused preparation before they appear in JEE Main 2022.


You have the choice to either convert this extra time for JEE Exam 2022 in preparation for a win-win situation or let it break your momentum.


If you take this with a positive attitude and you can stop your laziness from creeping in then you can enhance your performance in JEE Main 2022.


In life you will often face postponement and cancellations many times, most such situations will be beyond your control, but they will affect the outcome only if you get bogged down by situations. All you need to do is to look for the opportunity in this.


With a positive attitude, you can utilise the extra time that you got because of the postponement of the JEE Main 2022 exam, with prudence you can be assured that you are ready for the challenge.


An opportunity to score more than you would have scored now, an opportunity to overcome the difficult or left out topics. Every situation has a silver lining; you just need to keep finding it.


The JEE MAIN 2022 exam postponement has given the additional time and a chance to students to perform beyond their potential in the exam. Let’s look out how and what you need to do to make this extra 2 months cheer for you.



A plan for the long haul


Prepare a Strategy: A dream without a plan is like a wish undefined. It sounds familiar and is equally relatable. Let your hard work and sincerity speak for you and it can only happen if you make and stick to a well-planned strategy.


Mould a timetable: Every hour of each day should be accounted for in your timetable to utilise your time optimally. Do include time for rest, recreation, and reset in your timetable. As "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."



Cement you basics

Your Success in JEE MAIN 2022 will depend on the time devoted to preparation and how much strength your basics hold.


Cement your basic concepts again by getting in-depth of all the concepts and practising them in current questions this will prepare you for Term 2 and JEE Exam 2022 simultaneously practising more.


The JEE EXAM 2022 will usually ask tricky questions - the more you apply the basics in question the more edge you are likely to get on them.



Break your time and nap on time

Whenever you set out to study day or night, set short study sessions followed by short breaks. You can do anything during this break time that can energise you not exhaust you like taking a short nap.


You heard that fine, naps can actually be beneficial if taken consciously. The brain processes information while sleeping so a topic will be easier to retain or recall if you sleep on it.



Don’t forget to mock…test yourself

Mock tests are like trial exams where nothing is at stake other than your knowledge.


Taking a mock test will make you more familiar with the temperament of JEE Main 2022. It is the best method to determine your preparedness and identify your current standings of strengths and weaknesses.


It is like a practice match before the real JEE MAIN 2022. Plus if you keep taking the mock test a few times a week you will stay connected to the real challenge that you want to conquer and will not lose your momentum while preparing for the CBSE Term 2.


Mock tests can also help you revise what you have learnt earlier making it a tool to refresh your memory.



The real strength lies in overcoming the weakness

You have been preparing for JEE Exam 2022 for almost eternity if not literally then you must be feeling the same figuratively.


You by now know yourself better than anyone can tell you. You know the areas in which you are weak or have some difficulty memorising.


These chapters should get priority during this extra mile of your preparation. Put your focus on the ones which are difficult to remember and apply.


Tap into your resources, ask your teachers and look for innovative and different ways to correct these weak areas.


This will not only help you in clearing the weak concepts but also helps in being creative with your approach to learning and managing time to garner better outcomes in JEE MAIN 2022.


Invest adequate time in each subject which needs due attention. Give your extra hours to every weak area and doubt clearing sessions.



Revise and be wise

Revisiting at the right time will boost your brain's retention capacity, leading you to be more productive. What you can do while revising is to follow a simple three-tier method.


By which you have to revise a completed topic after every three days until you complete three cycles of it. In this way, you refresh your memory after every three days to fill up the lost gaps in your brain making the concept enter your long term memory.



Formulae for the real world


In Today's competitive age you need to learn how to apply what you have learnt to real-life problems.


To encourage such applications educators and teachers are also focusing on giving real-life examples of a concept.


In exams such as JEE Main 2022 questions are not asked from concepts at their face value but through a real-life application.


You need to up your game and start to practice more such questions which can creatively test the application of mugged up formulas. This can further strengthen your hold on the concept and increase your speed to apply yourself.



Chill but give no chill


For you to get through this marathon of examinations before you sit for your dream college you need to take care of your mind & body.


So chill as studying for hours without any break is a bad idea for 2 months straight. Short and smartly placed breaks are crucial for the brain to assimilate, regain the lost energy & re-energize the mind & body for the next session.


So chill but give no chill to distractions.


Keep working towards your ultimate goal. This postponement of JEE MAIN 2022 has just delayed your success. Work the extra mile and Let the extra time work for you.


All the best!!


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