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  • March 06, 2022
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Learning doesn’t happen on its own.


There needs to be a burning desire among students to learn.


But, is it that easy to have a learning desire?


If you are a teacher then you can’t expect from students that they will mechanically learn everything.


Have you noticed the scenario in your classroom that you are delivering the lecture but students are not at all attentive?


Well, you have noticed this thing many times in your classroom.


What’s the reason behind it? Why students don’t have that desire? Is there any way you can help them?


Need not worry!!


Just stay glued to this blog till the end and you will find an answer to all the questions. In addition to that, you will also see how learning is evolving and how to ignite the desire for learning among students.


Let’s deep dive into it!!



Why students don’t feel that desire for learning?


Before diving into the solution, it is very important to understand why students lack the desire to learn?


If you get the root cause behind it, then you can use the strategies that will directly act upon the root cause and help you develop an amazing classroom experience.


When you go to the class and tell them a topic that you will teach them, then it will not excite them much. This will not fill them with any desire for learning.


But, instead, if you tell the students what will they gain or what will they learn, then they will be more interested in them.


Moreover, if you give them some real-world scenario where the learnings can be used, then it will instantly capture their interest.


So, this is one of the main reasons why students don't feel interested in learning.


But, if there is a problem then there should be some solution to curb the issue.


Need not panic!! The below section is completely dedicated to helping you come across how you can create a learning desire among students.



How to instill a desire for learning among students?


Now, here comes the solution to the problem. These are some of how you can help students ignite that burning desire for learning.


Below are some top-notch strategies that you can implement in your classroom and see how changes take place in your classroom.



1. Offer positive support


All the students are not the same and so does their mental state. Most of the students lack the motivation to study properly.


You will even encounter some students who are not able to cope with what's happening in the class. This results in their deteriorating grades and their lack of interest in the class.


When you encounter such students in the classroom, don’t judge them. Give them positive support that they can flourish and easily learn from their mistakes.


You can even help them with the areas of difficulty by suggesting to them the positive ways to tackle the situation.



2. Show your interest


Students learn from you and your behavior around them. If you don't show them interest regarding something, then how will they be attracted to it?


To create the desire for learning among students, you should share your experience and enthusiasm among the students.


If the interest is not created then they will never feel ready to learn.


For example, if you are teaching quadratic equations in the class, then you need to show your curiosity and interest in it. Only then, it will be loved by the students.



3. Assist them in making SMART goals


Most of the time, students don't feel interested in the learning process because they don’t have designated goals to achieve.


But, if you help them set their own Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals then it will do wonders for them.


Don’t tell them to recklessly do a thing. Tell them they need breaks to refresh themselves. Also, teach them the importance of celebrating the achievement of the milestones so they feel more motivated.


For example, ask the students in the class what they want to achieve. Then, try to give them a direction to find how they can achieve that thing.


If they want to score high marks in board exams, then what would be their milestones, how will they achieve those milestones? And, the most important thing is are those goals achievable?


If yes, then they are good to go!!



4. Teach them to compete with themselves


You must have seen in your classroom that students have an urge to surpass others and show they are better than others.


But, it is a great approach for learning?


Well, if the competition is maintained at a healthy level then there is no harm in having so. But, most of the time this competition crosses the limits.


So, how can students ignite their learning urge?


If students benchmark their performance as a competition for themselves, then it will not only help them grow but will also help them with a great learning experience.


For example, you can ask the student to note down their learnings for last week. Tell them to set those learnings as a benchmark for the present week.


They need to compete with their benchmark.


This will not only help them learn extensively but, they will also see how far they have come in their performance.



5. Help them discover


Students will only get the feeling of learning something if they don’t feel left out in the classroom.


For the maximum amount of time, students don’t feel like coming to the classroom because they don’t find anything interesting there.


So, it becomes your responsibility to make the classroom exciting for them.


But, the question arises how you can engage them?


There is a top-notch way to achieve this. Make them feel an integral part of the classroom. This can be only possible if they actively take part in every class activity.


You can easily maximize their participation by organizing various activities in the classroom-like learning with projects, conducting group activities, working together in the class, etc.


This will help them to not only individually learn but will also increase their overall class participation.


With time, they will feel more interested in the classroom and so does their learning curve will increase.





Learning is a two-way process in which you need to engage students.


You can use the above-mentioned strategies to create a desire for learning among the students.


While creating this desire for learning, you will get an opportunity to communicate with students to a great extent. It will further facilitate your relationship with them and you can understand their issues.


Just stay calm and help the students resolve their issues while learning. This will act as a great thing in the overall journey of learning.


So, without much delay, identify if some students in your classroom don't have a desire for learning.


Try to motivate them and see what changes you observe.



All the Best!



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    Pankaj Kumar

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    Nice and systematic way of conveying.
    If was definitely helpful.
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    Really interesting and helpful article.

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    Very helpful and interesting indeed….one should follow., it will definitely help ..

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