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  • March 30, 2022
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ICSE Physics contains tricky questions that make students feel it is a difficult subject. But, if you practice all the typologies of the questions then, you won't find any difficulty in Physics exams.


You can grab the Oswaal sample papers for high-end practice of every typology that can be asked in the Physics exam.


Physics is one of the most crucial subjects that deal with the scientific study of energy and matter and their interaction with each other.


The energy that we talk about in Physics can take various forms of motion, light, electricity, radiation, or even gravity. Physics precisely deals with matter that ranges from sub-atomic particles like photons and bosons to entire galaxies.


The most important purpose of Physics is to understand how the universe behaves. The power of Physics is present around us in various forms. We just need to see and realize the importance of Physics in our lives.


Without it, we can’t land anywhere. Even the basic law applied in Physics like Newton's law of motion is governing our lives in a great way.


For the ICSE students, Physics is a very important subject, therefore it becomes imperative for the students to understand the subject properly.


If you can secure good marks in Physics then it can give you a bright hope that you can secure a higher percentage in the upcoming board exams.


Most students who are not very good at Mathematics often find the Physics subject difficult.


No doubt, Physics is a bit tricky subject but if you understand it from the core then you will succeed at it.



Important topics taught in ICSE Physics are:


1. Force, Work, Energy, and Power


2. Light


3. Sound


4. Electricity and Magnetism


5. Modern Physics


6. Heat



Tips for preparation



1. Make your concepts crystal clear if you want to achieve good marks in Physics. If you are facing any issues or confusion about topic then you can seek assistance from your teacher or your friends


2. Make an easy to follow list of derivations, formulae, and experiments that you need to prepare for the board exam, and keep that list handy for the future revision


3. Don’t just solve the derivation, try to find the reason behind them. It will help you remember things in the long run


4. If you don’t revise the concepts regularly then they will start fading away from your memory so revise them regularly


5. If you are someone who runs away from the numerical parts then it’s better to start your preparation at the earliest.


This will not only give you enough time for preparation but you will even get the opportunity to solve an ample number of solved as well as unsolved numerical from your book


6. S.I. units are very important for the Physics exam. Therefore, never miss upon to write them.



Tips for scoring good marks



1. During the exam, write your descriptive answers but not in paragraphs and if there is any diagram with the question then also draw that. It enhances the visibility of the answer sheet


2. Thoroughly go through the question paper before diving into the answers


3. For long answer type questions, design a proper pattern before writing the answer in the answer sheet


4. For short answer type questions, make sure to give on-point answers because you will be awarded marks only on that basis







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