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What are the subjects in CBSE Class 3?

What are the subjects in CBSE Class 3?

  • May 17, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Third grade! A magical era in a child’s academic life. They are overflowing with curiosity, ready to learn and explore new ideas. If you are a parent of an upcoming CBSE Class 3 student, you might be contemplating what subjects they will take this year. Well, that shouldn’t bother you; this blog post is going to take care of you on the journey through CBSE Class 3. 

Strong Foundation— CBSE Class 3 Core Subjects

This CBSE curriculum for Class 3 focuses on building a strong base for core subjects that equip children with skills for future learning. The core subjects include:

English: This subject emphasizes on developing good communication skills. It is also aimed at improving reading comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary. Here pupils are exposed to elementary grammar rules as well as constructing grammatically accurate sentences. Stories, poems, and interactive activities make learning English engaging and enjoyable.

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Hindi: Hindi too concentrates on communicating effectively like in English. There students will be taught how to read, write and speak Hindi language correctly. Basic rules of grammar will be introduced to them while their vocabulary will be developed through interactive exercises alongside some interesting stories.

Mathematics: Numbers come alive in Class 3! Children get more opportunity to explore addition, subtraction and multiplication as well as other concepts such as place value, estimation and fractions amongst others. CBSE Class 3 Maths Books are essential in ensuring that these contents are understood by learners through clear explanations and detailed exercises.

Science: In science children enter into an adventurous journey! This is where they come to know about their amazing surroundings which cover plants, animals, human body, environment etc. The CBSE Class 3 Science Books contain fantastic experiments and activities that assist learning in science become pleasurable while involving the child actively.


Expanding Horizons—Beyond the Core

Apart from being confined only towards core subjects, the CBSE Curriculum provides a holistic learning experience for class III students. Following are a few of the other subjects covered under this course:

Social Science: History, geography and civics are introduced to children in this subject. They learn about their country, its culture and its rich heritage. Within Social Science, they are also taught about various communities which promote global citizenship.

Environmental Studies (EVS): EVS plays an important role in developing environment consciousness among young minds. The child is made aware of the significance of protecting our planet, conserving resources and following sustainable lifestyles.

Preparing Your Child for Success

As a parent, you can play a crucial part in your child’s educational journey in Grade 3. Below are some tips:

  • Create a conducive study space at home
  • Encourage curiosity by asking open-ended questions
  • Read aloud and discuss what you read with your child regularly.
  • Help your child develop good study habits.
  • Most importantly, make the learning experience enjoyable!

In fostering a supporting learning atmosphere at home and in understanding the concepts taught in CBSE Class 3, you can easily assist your child to be successful as they progress through this exciting academic year. Remember class 3 is a foundation for future learning. Your child will be set for academic achievement with a right foundation and passion for education.

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