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Does ISC Board Give Step Marks?

Does ISC Board Give Step Marks?

  • May 04, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The students often search for reference ISC Books Class 12 to acquire higher marks in their exams. But while discussing ISC exams, a frequently asked question at ISC 12th Grade is, “Do ISC boards provide step marks too?”. Step marking encompasses the process of providing a fractional number of points for the right steps taken towards the problem, although the result could be incorrect. 

Although the ISC board has not declared it officially, it is said that they give step marks. It is completely different from the conventional marking system. Let’s dig deeper into step marking and what effect it has on learners.

What is Step Marking?

ISC boards use a unique method called step marking to assess answers. While the traditional questions have a fixed weightage, step marking offers awarding marks depending on the stages or steps to the final answer. In this way, students can get rewards for showing a structured method of problem-solving

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How Does Step Marking Work?

In an ISC exam, questions are generally divided into various steps or parts. There is a particular number of marks for every step. Students can get awarding marks if they can complete a step correctly no matter whether the final answer is correct or not. 

Advantages of Step Marking

Here are the advantages of step marking: 

  • Encourages Comprehensive Understanding: Step marking encourages the students to show their thinking process and reasoning skills. Moreover, it helps them to understand the subject matter. 
  • Reduces Exam Anxiety: Step marking helps to reduce the pressure on students. While the students know that they will get marks for every correct step, they can stay away from exam stress and anxiety. 
  • Fair Evaluation: Step marking evaluates the knowledge and skills of students fairly giving them marks for the proper application of concepts avoiding the nominal calculation mistakes. 


When Will You Get Step Marking In Maths From ISC Boards? 

The conditions for getting step marking in Maths from the ISC boards are as follows: 

  • Attempt all questions
  • Choose the topics that you have confidence in. 
  • Don’t leave steps.
  • Step-by-step process
  • Write a formula for a related problem
  • Keep the rough clear
  • Sketch if needed
  • Copy the data table from the question paper and show the related calculation 

How To Become Successful with ISC Books Class 12 and Sample Papers? 

To become successful in the ISC Class 12 exam, you have to study ISC books as well as  ISC Sample Papers Class 12. If you read the books thoroughly and practice the sample papers regularly you will be able to understand the concepts well and develop your critical thinking skills. It is very important to sit for the ISC exam. 

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Which Books Does ISC Follow?

If you are an ISC class 12 student, you need to follow the books published by ISC authors. 

So, Stop marking is a unique way of assessment. By understanding whether the board gives step marking and reading ISC Books Class 12 students can sit for the ISC exam confidently and secure good marks. 

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