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  • March 25, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


We already know that class 10th exams are soon underway, and everyone is aiming to do well in them. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects to score well in.


If you put in a little effort, you can quickly gain a good place in mathematics. Understanding and solving problems are the key principles.


While, if you plan to learn some of the formulas and do a little preparation, you are in the wrong set of minds; practice is the primary key to school a good mark in mathematics.


Therefore, if you are wondering how to get a good grade in a mathematics subject, here are the steps you can easily follow:-



1. Learn the pattern of exam


Make sure to be introduced to the exam pattern of class 10th at the very start of the year, it will help you get the idea of the question paper of the exams, and you will also be familiarized with the questions patterns.



2. Collect enough knowledge about Maths subject


Make sure to introduce yourself with the pattern of the Maths syllabus of class 10th.


It will help you build your base; it will be beneficial for you to create a better study schedule and help you to score excellent marks, and keep in mind that you should complete your syllabus by December.



3. Separate your formulas


Make a separate notebook to keep the formulas, and keep in your mind all the recipes. Then, in the exam, it will help you remember things thoroughly, and you can answer every question with ease.



4. Prepare a study schedule


Preparing a schedule can enhance your studying. You should try making a separate timetable to get better performance in exams. Try at least to study 2hrs daily to get good performance in the exam.


If half of the year is passed, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to enhance your performance in the exam



5. Complete your NCERT textbook


If half of the year has passed and you still want to get good marks in the exam, you can solve the NCERT textbook of Maths to boost your preparation. Also, books like RD Sharma can provide a more thorough preparation.



6. Group study


Group study is the best way to complete your syllabus. The advantage you get in Group study is that friends can help you resolve your doubts, and you can also help your friends resolve their doubts.


Moreover, you can find the most straightforward solutions for the problems.



7. Discussing in the group


You can teach each other difficult chapters and help each other out to boost your performance; with the help of this technique, you can learn everything in-depth and prepare more efficiently.



Below given are the tips you can follow to boost your performance if the last one to two months are left for the boards



1. Prepare yourself with previous years' papers


Start your preparation before 1 to 2 months of the board exams by solving the previous year's question paper, and it will help you build your base and clarify your doubts.


You will also get an idea of how the pattern of the question paper is given in the exam.



2. Take enough break


It isn't easy to concentrate on work for a longer period.


After that anyone can lose the attention and the determination to do that particular work, to overcome that problem you should take breaks, breaks are necessary if you are doing any work it brings refreshment into your mind and body after studying for 30 minutes straight, you should take a break for 5 to 10 minutes to refresh yourself.



3. Do revision timely


If you have fully covered up your syllabus, the next best thing is to perform revisions.


Revisions are the best thing to revise everything you have studied this far, and it will surely boost your performance in the exam and help you score excellent marks.



4. Take enough rest


Make sure to take enough rest as the exam comes near. Don’t panic and give your 100% on the exam, get enough sleep before the exam and avoid stress, and if you take priority, it can affect your preparation.


Make sure to follow every tip mentioned above, and it will surely help you score good marks in your mathematics exam and make sure you do not panic, which can lead you to affect your preparation.



As a final note!


Throughout the above-written article, we discussed how you can increase your likelihood of scoring good marks in the mathematics examination. Also, we discussed all the tips you can follow to bolster your performance.


Therefore, if you follow each guide, you can achieve 50/50 in Math.






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