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  • May 13, 2022
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Class 9 and Class 11 are considered the foundational stones in the Indian Education System. Because whatever you learn in these classes finds its way into higher classes as the basics you need to know.


Apart from that these Classes serve as a bridge between a student’s being a child to a young adult.



Class 9 and Class 11 – The Building Blocks of Concepts



A step into Class 9


When a student goes into class 9 it brings a new dilemma to his/her life. Which stream to opt for after the 10th?


Before that he/she needs to start preparing for the exam of their life, the board exam for Class 10th. With all of the limelight on Class 10, students often tend to forget subjects taught in Class 9 as usually they are not counted in Class 10th final score which will get them their desired stream.


So the focus of teachers and students of class 9 remains limited to maximizing the marks in any way possible i.e. cramming, and what suffers in the process is the knowledge of the concepts.


This creates a fractured understanding among students who when promoted to class 11, feels the quantum jump in the level of difficulty in subjects, as compared to class 9 and 10.


Therefore, building your 9th class concepts is very important.



A Step into class 11th


The new doors of perspectives opened in class 9th led to the understanding of concepts in class 10th, one can hear the knock on class 9th doors again in class 11th. The roots of Class 11th concepts can be traced back to class 9th.


As independent of the past, Class 11 is an important year of high school. Because the mammoth mountains of 12th exams will be built on every line you will read in Class 11th which will ultimately lead you to the doors of universities.


Many universities or colleges conduct entrance exams before you qualify for admission there. Even though the board exams syllabus will primarily focus on Class 12, the entrance exams will show no one no such mercy.


Most of these entrance exams are based on the syllabus of Class 11th and 12th combined. Giving us all more reason to develop a good hold of Class 11th.



Class 9 and Class 11 interrelation and a glimpse into the future


Many students rush past Class 9 and Class 11, focusing only on the immediate goal to score high in the board exam and start preparations for entrance exams later usually after class 11 which is quite late for NTA JEE, NTA NEET, NTA CUET, CLAT, NRA CET etc. competitive examinations.


One has to develop an aptitude for them as early as possible. The sooner you are aware and start to prepare for these entrance exams, the better.


That’s why Class 9th is a crucial step towards understanding what you want to become in life by evaluating your interests and mapping the path for your future.


The focus should be given to every subject and extracurricular activity to gain the necessary exposure to make an informed decision later. If you only run after scoring high marks, you may well end up with them, but will completely be at bay when it comes to pinpointing your likings from the sea of interests.


At first glance Class 9 and Class 11 are just the usual step toward board exams. But on a closer look, you will find that CBSE has designed the class 9 syllabus to form the basis for class 10 and the syllabus of class 11 to become the basis for class 12.


For example, the concepts and equations of Kinematics and Laws of Motion that you learn in class 9, you learn how to apply them in Class 11th. Apart from that following topics taught in Class 9 are also included in the syllabus of the entrance exams:


1. Mathematics: Coordinate Geometry, Surface Areas and Volumes, Statistics, and Probability.


2. Physics: Gravitation, Laws of Motion, Force, Work and Energy, Sound.


3. Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atoms.


4. Biology: Cell, Tissues, Diseases.


While students, who start their preparations for entrance exams in Class 11, have just 2 years to cover the vast syllabus, those who start in Class 9 have 4 years to build on and understand the concepts.


This extra time gives them an edge over others. Therefore, building concepts in class 9 and Class 11 is very crucial for a student’s future. After all, the early bird catches the worm.



3 ways to Prepare with CBSE Class 9 & 11 books


To prepare from CBSE Class 9 & 11 Books you can follow the following techniques to maximize your learning.



Two read method


When you are reading the CBSE Class 9 & 11 books for the first time, simply read the chapter. Your goal should be to thoroughly read and understand the chapter. Do not attempt to cram it in the first go.


After some days, read the chapters again. This time you should ensure that you reduce your reading time for the same chapter. However, this time, apart from just reading Class 9 & 11 books, highlight the key points and make notes.


This process of penning down notes will multiply the basics of your preparation many folds.


Moreover, while making notes first understand the topics completely and then make notes of important points using bullets and diagrams to enhance readability and recall value.


The right way to take notes is to, Read the topic properly, Understand it, and note down what you understand in your language.



Practice and Exercises


Practice makes the man perfect but for you, exercise makes the learning perfect. CBSE Class 9 & 11 books make sure that you have enough practice.


You should solve all the back exercise questions often to understand the topics completely. Solving these back exercise questions will help in the following ways,


1. It will clear your concepts


2. It will urge you to apply the formulae you have learnt in the chapter


3. It will expose you to various types of questions that might be asked in examinations


4. It will give you the best opportunity to get practice



Easy to Revise


What we learn doubles when we revise. Often many students feel since there is a lot of information in the textbook, revising straight from it will consume time. But the language of CBSE Class 9 and Class 11 books is very precise.


You can highlight the important areas and topics, and revise them before your exams. Also, you can revise your self-prepared notes.


By following these methods you will surely be able to understand and retain the entire syllabus of Class 9 and Class 11.



To sum up


Class 9 and Class 11 are the foundational stones of a student’s future. Even though the marks from these classes are not counted in the actual board exams, being mindful of its significance later and enjoying every second should be prioritized. As time and innocence never return.



Good Luck!


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