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5 Teaching Methods to Promote Success in the Classroom

5 Teaching Methods to Promote Success in the Classroom

  • October 18, 2022
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When teachers follow the right teaching method, they create an enjoyable classroom experience for students to make the classroom more productive and implement success through different interests, methods and learning styles.

If you're a teacher, you need to implement new teaching methods in your classroom to maximize the success rate of your students in your classroom. 

These teaching methods are to be instructed to the students in the classroom to help them understand and remember the lessons learned. Some of these ways are to convey information concisely while others to ensure students retain the learnings over the long term.

Comprehending facts on a deeper level and then continuous practice with effective skills properly in the classroom will help students develop abilities to their personal lives therefore enhancing their career prospects.


5 Teaching Methods to Promote Success in the Classroom


1. Lecture-based learning

Students these days do not have long attention spans. Their focus remains for short periods of time. Therefore, it’s beneficial for teachers to keep classroom lectures short, concise and to-the-point to keep students engaged in the classroom while effectively increasing their learnings.

Although lecture-based learning is a teacher-based approach, still you can encourage students to provide their inputs to make learning productive and fun at same time.


2. Promote handwritten notes

Although it's not mandatory, when students try hand-written notes, they stay focused during lectures for longer. It also helps students in recalling information well and solidify their spelling and writing skills as well. Also, teachers should use visual cues such as images and videos to keep students interested in the content.


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3. Technology-based learning

By using technology in the classroom, teachers can make teaching more efficient in student learning. With technology, students can use online learning materials, or conduct research. In addition, virtual classroom learning can be a great teaching method to provide education remotely. This is highly helpful for students with disabilities which face difficulty in focusing on physical classroom learning.


4. Group learning

Group learning is another great way to develop skills in collaboration. Students can learn and discuss subjects and provide their own insight to make it more engaging and fruitful. Teachers should promote class participation and listening skills by assigning group presentations and discussions to convey their take on the information and learnings to the rest of the class.


5. Kinesthetics Learning

Kinesthetics learning is an enigmatic learning method through movement. When teachers teach while moving around the classroom and using hand gestures while speaking, this engages students more visually and kinaesthetically. Teachers should encourage them to perform physical activities around the classroom to develop their creativity.

Here are some the ways to do it -

Drawing: A lot of students love drawing or painting, so as a teacher you must include this activity in the classroom to develop group participation and social skill development.

Acting: Many students enjoy having an exciting time doing role-plays in theatrical performances. Teachers need to implement kinesthetics learning in the classroom to enable self-control as well.

Building: Students should build structures with toys, blocks, or other materials to develop hand-eye coordination and analytical thinking skills. This is a fun teaching method to stay focused and engaged in the classroom.

Playing:  Playing sports is a traditional form of kinesthetics learning. Many schools conduct classes for students to channelise their energy and spend time outside. 



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