Crack Gate 2022 with Dr. Walter Pauk's OK4R Method
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  • December 20, 2021
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GATE 2022 is less than 30 days away!


And we are here with Dr. Walter Pauk's OK4R to optimize and maximize your learning!


Some learners are good at mugging up while some require understanding and practice.


But everyone need this technique for Gate 2022



What is OK4R method?


Dr. Walter Pauk, former Director of the Reading and Study Center at Cornell University, after becoming frustrated with his students failing in class, developed a method of learning named OK4R in 1974.


This technique offers six steps in reading which help to understand and remember what you have read.



The Advantages of OK4R Method -

           1. Makes the process of reading more effective and efficient.

           2. Makes the process of reading well-organized.

           3. Makes the students remember the material longer.

           4. Makes the students build meaning to understand the text.




Let’s understand the method of OK4R with this paragraph.

First read this paragraph.  


Never Try Smoking

A lot of people, especially teenagers, who do not smoke, always want to try smoking. They know it is bad for them and all, but it is just something they want to try. So, they ask one of the smoker friends for a cigarette.

Apparently, that makes them born smokers. Now they do smoke fairly regularly. They cannot avoid smoking and they enjoy it too. Suddenly, for certain reason, they realize the fact that tobacco is the cause of a long list of nasty diseases. It is not only heart disease, stroke 0 and chronic lung disease but also bladder, lung, and pancreatic cancer.

Well, still want to try smoking? 


Now, read again but this time with these six steps below.


STEP 1 - Overview

In the first step, read the title “Never try smoking”, then the first sentence of introductory and summarizing paragraphs. Then you will have a general idea of what topics will be discussed. Here it is about smoking and the reason why people should never try smoking.



STEP 2 - Key Ideas

Now go over the text again and look for key ideas. These are usually located in the first sentence of each paragraph, diagrams and captions. Also read the italics and bold type, bulleted sections, itemizations, pictures and tables.


For example,

The key idea or main idea in the first paragraph is “A lot of people, especially teenagers, who do not smoke, always want to try smoking.” Similarly find the key idea in other paragraphs and underline it.


Underlining Tip- Students often over-underline, but only the key words in a paragraph should be underlined.



STEP 3 - Read

Carefully and actively read the text and if you come to a new word which you do not know, make a note of it. Perhaps its meaning will be clear as you complete the particular sentence but it is better to look for the word's meaning.



STEP 4 - Recall

In this step, close the book and immediately try to recall the main points of what you have read. Try to say or write down the points you catch while recalling. This will solidify the information in your mind. DR. Walter Pauk says that one minute spent in immediate reading nearly doubles retention of text.


For example,

          1. They cannot avoid smoking.

          2. They enjoy it.

          3. Cigarettes are as important as wallets, etc.



STEP 5 - Reflect

Meaningfulness can help improve learning. In this step, try to relate what they have read to things that you already know. Try to find significance in what you have learned.


For example,

            1. You can remember about people who smoke in their environment.

            2. You may remember news or advertisements related to smoking.



STEP 6 - Review

Now go over the text again to review material and refresh your memory. If you notice anything that you have forgotten, study those parts again.


This is Dr. Walter Pauk's OK4R Method for GATE 2022. 



Now test how much you remember

         1. What does the text talk about?

         2. Do they realize that smoking is dangerous?

         3. How important cigarettes are for the active smokers?

         4. How many Americans die every year?

         5. What does the text recommend to the reader?


The answer:

          1. The effect of smoking.

          2. Yes, they do.

          3. It is as important as a wallet for their money.

          4. Around 400.000 Americans.

          5. If you are not a smoker, you should never and never try to smoke.


Reading and remembering information can be challenging.


It requires time and attention for optimal learning. Try not to dwell over the same section for a long period. If you find yourself rereading the same paragraph, take a break and start from the beginning again.


Research has shown that it's not how much time you spend studying but how well you study during that time.


Some studies have shown that students who studied 35 hours a week came out with poorer grades than those who studied less.


Use your study time wisely, and you will come out ahead!



All the best!


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