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  • April 18, 2022
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Class 12 exams will start in April or May for all the students of different boards. As the exams are approaching a step closer, UGC has opened up about the CUET exam which has created havoc among students.


If you are a student of class 12, then you must be preparing hard for getting admission to your dream college or university.


Earlier, you used to get admission to the central universities based upon the class 12 marks. But, UGC has scrapped this criterion and come up with a brand new entrance test for the admission process.


You must be wondering what this CUET 2022 is. Will it bore any fruits for me? Why it has become an issue in the state of Tamil Nadu?


To get an answer to all your questions, you should keep on reading this blog till the end. And, by the end of this blog, you will have every sneak peek of CUET 2022 that must be of great help.


So, without any further delays, let’s get started!!



What is CUET 2022?


Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) 2022 is a national-level entrance test that will allow you to seek admission to any of the 45 central universities in the country.


National Testing Agency (NTA) announced this news on April 6, 2022.


Most of the students were of the notion that getting brilliant marks in class 12 exams will help them get admission to their dream central university.


But, NTA has made this clear that this formula of considering the class 12 marks for admission is being scrapped for this year with the commencement of CUET 2022.


UGC has also made it clear that CUET 2022 will be held based on the NCERT curriculum of class 12.


This has created a lot of havoc among the other state board students. NCERT is not a prescribed curriculum for other state boards.


If you are also not from the CBSE board, then you must be wondering how to prepare for this exam. Need not worry, keep on reading this blog till the end and you will come across every titbit of CUET 2022.



When will CUET 2022 will be conducted?


You must be wondering whether you will be able to prepare for the CUET 2022 in the stipulated time or not. Hold on, need not panic!!


You have sufficient time on your hand to prepare well for the CUET 2022. UGC has made it clear that the application process for the CUET 2022 has begun on April 6, 2022.


You can submit your application for CUET 2022 by May 6, 2022, by 5 pm.


In addition to that, you can even pay the application fees for the CUET 2022 by May 6 till 11.50 pm.


CUET 2022 is expected to be conducted in the first or second week of July. You can easily fill out the application form for CUET 2022 by visiting the official website cuet.samarth.ac.in.



Why CUET 2022 is an issue in Tamil Nadu state?


You must be wondering that if CUET 2022 is a unified examination for all the students to take admission to Central Universities, then why Tamil Nadu state government is opposing this?


Well, according to the government approximately 80% of the students study in the state board.


If the CUET 2022 will be conducted as per the NCERT curriculum then it will rob the opportunity of many students who have not studied it in their class 12.


This will be not justified for the students who belong to the marginal sections and have somehow completed their class 12 education.


Therefore, CUET 2022 will be in the favour of the CBSE board rather than any other board.


Most of the authorities are pleading with the UGC to reconsider their decision. But, UGC has not yet opened up about it.


Therefore, it is the need for the hours that you should focus on the NCERT curriculum if you want to get admitted to any of the 45 central universities in the country.



Final Thoughts


CUET 2022 has created a lot of buzz among everyone.


The exam will be conducted in 13 regional languages to offer a sigh of relief to every student.


UGC gas also mandated to the central universities that they will use only the sole criteria of CUET 2022 to give admission to the universities.


In addition to this, universities can consider the class 12 marks to some extent to make the merit list for the students. But, it is optional and universities can take a call on this matter as per their needs.


Hope all your answers have been answered with this blog. For further updates, stay tuned to the official website.


Good Luck!


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