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  • April 22, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


NTA CUET 2022 exam is the gateway to your dreams!!


If you have been planning to get admission to any of the elite central universities in the country, then this is your opportunity to avail of in a single shot.


NTA CUET 2022 exam is expected in the first or second week of July. So, according to that, you have only a couple of months left for the exam.


But, now, the dilemma starts!! Whether to put more emphasis on class 12 board exams or NTA CUET 2022 exam?


NTA CUET 2022 exam will be completely based upon the class 12 NCERT curriculum. So, if you are someone who is not from the CBSE board, then also you need to lay proper emphasis on NCERT.


Have you ever thought that if, in the meantime, you are preparing for the board exams and you only want to concentrate on the NTA CUET 2022 exam in the 30 days, then is it possible to complete the syllabus?


Well, you have the answer to this question lies in this blog and there are some of the great ways described below that will help you complete your NTA CUET 2022 exam syllabus in 30 days.


So, without any further delays, let’s deep dive into it!!



7 ways to complete NTA CUET 2022 syllabus in 30 days


By using these magical ways, you can transform your entire preparation for NTA CUET 2022 exam and complete your syllabus in just 30 days.



1. Make an achievable study plan


NTA CUET 2022 exam is a brand new concept for every student of class 12.


To conquer this exam in 30 days, it is very important to design a meticulous and achievable study plan.


When you make a study plan without any planning, then you end up with unexpected goals and ultimately you can’t achieve this. In the end, you are left demotivated and in despair.


So, make a study plan that you can easily follow and also put some milestones so you can feel accomplished after doing some task according to your study plan.



2. Be familiar with the subject-specific syllabus


In NTA CUET 2022 exam, you will encounter four different sections and every section has a different syllabus.


To excel in the exam, you should be well-versed with the syllabus. If you don't pay heed to it then you will end up in a total mess about what to do and what not to do.


Before starting with the preparation for the NTA CUET 2022 exam, you should visit the official website and check out the syllabus properly and can even download it in pdf format for better reference.



3. Concentrate on targeted universities


With the NTA CUET 2022 exam, you have the flexibility to choose any of the central universities of your choice from 45 central universities in the country.


Each university has its eligibility criteria to follow. Before you start the preparation for the NTA CUET 2022 exam, make a list of the universities you want to opt for.


Then write down the subjects and the eligibility criteria for these universities and prepare accordingly in the 30 days.



4. Focus on NCERT


National Testing Agency (NTA) has already made it clear that NTA CUET 2022 exam will be a computer-based MCQ examination that will be NCERT based.


Even if you haven't studied NCERT, you need to study it for the NTA CUET 2022 exam. Try to make your concepts clear with the NCERT books.


In the 30 days, you should deep dive into NCERT. With the help of NCERT books, you will gain more knowledge in various areas that will make your concepts crystal clear.


Ultimately, it will help you score well in NTA CUET 2022 exam.



5. Work on your strengths and weakness


When you start your preparation for the NTA CUET 2022 exam then you learn a lot of things. In some areas, you will find a great rapport off the topic.


While in the other areas, you will find a lot of difficulties. Work on your strengths and weakness to prepare for the NTA CUET 2022 exam.


You can work on them by solving various types of questions that will boost your confidence and ultimately your score for CUET.



6. Solve sample papers and give mock tests


NTA CUET 2022 exam is very new for every student. So, it is very important that when you are preparing for the exam in 30 days, you should allow proper time to solve sample papers and mock tests.


Sample papers and mock tests are exclusively designed as per the latest guidelines. In addition to that, they will also help to analyze your weak and strong areas for the examination.


With the practice, you will get an opportunity to manage speed with accuracy for the exam. This will ultimately save a lot of time for you.



7. Don’t neglect your health


While preparing for the NTA CUET 2022 exam, don’t take a toll on your physical or mental health.


If you don’t take proper care of your health then it will ultimately hamper your entire preparation.


Make sure that you take proper breaks while the preparation sessions. In addition to that, take out some time for recreational activities that will rejuvenate your mind.



Final Thoughts


By using the above-mentioned ways, you can easily prepare for the NTA CUET 2022 exam in 30 days.


While preparing for the NTA CUET 2022 exam, make sure that you don’t neglect the board preparation in any sense.


If both of them will go hand in hand, then only you can bore fruits for your career.


Don’t feel demotivated or anxious!! You still have time in your hand to prepare well for NTA CUET 2022 exam, so take your call accordingly!!






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