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  • November 23, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


The trumpet that every medical student in India feared consciously or unconsciously has been blown: NEET 2023 Exam will be held soon.

As the the NEET 2023 exam is approaching soon, here are 5 expert strategies you can use while preparing for it. 


How to Crack NEET 2023? Let's know....


1. No Time To Slack Off! 

The first and foremost strategy for absolute NEET exam preparation is also the most obvious one: start early and quit the enticing thoughts of slacking off!

Students should start their exam preparations as this would help a great deal in thoroughly skimming and scanning the textbooks, developing informative notes beforehand, and rooting out their weak points well before time so that a strategy for their ramification can be aptly devised. 

This approach to studies only restricts their ability to form an intricate and in-depth comprehension of several topics, rendering the achievement of their goals harder and harder.

The best strategy to studying well is to quit the mindset that one holds plenty of time to start and approach the syllabus with a strict acknowledgment that time is running out. 


2. Do Not Overlook The Syllabus and Exam Pattern 

Knowing what and how to study is far more significant than studying. When starting their preparation, students must have their complete syllabus in hardcopy with them, along with the examination pattern on their fingers.

This strategy may seem simple and unimportant, but it allows students to approach the different kinds of topics in the way they must be studied and the way they might appear in the examination question paper.


3. Develop Chapter by Chapter Notes, Plans, and Deadlines 

Compiling easily decipherable notes is crucial in dealing with each daunting chapter.

With theorems, procedures, and equations recorded distinctly in separate notebooks with significant points and diagrams, summarizing each chapter becomes unchallenging, and revision metamorphoses into a piece of cake.

It also allows students to focus on self-evaluation, goal-setting, conceptual comprehension, and adequate resource planning instead of spending all their time crammed with textbooks. 


4. Set Goals That You Can Achieve 

One primary reason students are unable to achieve their goals is that they are unattainable in the first place.

When developing a studying plan, it is necessary to set easily attainable and practical goals that allow one to soak in all information adequately without worrying about the time.

The best strategy is to make things simple and ensure one has enough time to prepare a topic thoroughly.

Breaking down studying goals into smaller and practical goals is advisable, along with never compromising on sleep and sound health, is the best studying approach.

However, setting attainable goals comes hand in hand with putting up challenges.

Since an examination is developed to challenge students, concocting a studying routine that challenges them too is an excellent strategy to attain high grades. 


5. Approach The Syllabus Calmly, And It Will Not Gobble You Up!      

Adopting a calm and composed demeanor when studying is pivotal to ensuring quality learning and retention.

Studying well does not, in any way, mean studying incessantly without any breaks. It is a research-based fact that taking suitable breaks boosts the efficiency and functioning of the human mind, allowing better understanding.

A student’s brain is bound to get exhausted when studying uninterruptedly, making it crucial to take 10-15 minute breaks in between. 


Inculcating these five strategies into a carefully devised study schedule is bound to make students succeed!  


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