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  • April 29, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


With CUET 2022 approaching in the month of July, it is important for students to give every section the same importance.


Every single mark matter and knowing that every section has been allotted specific timing, it is important that we utilize the knowledge where it is required to score better.


Students will be able to prepare better if they understand the basics and work on them in advance. With continuous practice in the right approach, their chances of improving their score in CUET 2022 will increase.


Today we will be discussing pointers that will help a student to create a balance between general awareness, logical reasoning, and quantitative aptitude for CUET 2022.





General Knowledge has always been a subject that does not get easier with time.


Since it is a part of CUET 2022 as well, hence it is important that we understand it better and try to grasp as much information is possible because there is always so much to cover.


Students are required a strong understanding to give right answers for CUET 2022.


GK covers various topics such as Current affairs, Sports terminologies, Solar system, Latitudes, Longitudes and Time etc.


Here are some pointers that will help you to bring your A game when it comes to standing out in general knowledge category:



1. Follow what media must show:


You do not have to blindly believe whatever media is showing you up but there are multiple times when they do come up with topic that will turn out to be useful for you and for CUET 2022.


You can also do your research with the help of social media as generally things are unfiltered on such sites, and you might be able to get a better statistic regarding a certain situation here.



2. Have a healthy discussion with friends and family:


This always help you out in case you wish to increase your mind frame to process new knowledge. It has always been witnessed that the more you talk about it, the newer information pops in.


Thus, making one aware regarding a new information which might add on for CUET 2022.



3. Read:


Read as much as possible. There is so much about the history that has already been made available for a student to read with the help of great writers that might turn out to be useful for you. 


You can read various magazines, newspapers, books etc. to stay updated. The habit of reading will eventually work out in your favor and help you with CUET 2022.



4. Make notes:


Jot down pointers that you feel will be important and there are chances that you might forget. It will be handy for you once you start with the revision and would make the process of learning smooth.





Questions in this department require presence of mind to solve it. Such questions demand creative thinking as they might look complex but the process to the solution is simple if done the right way.


Let’s solve this puzzle logically for you to score better in CUET 2022.


Logical reasoning compromises of seating arrangements and puzzles, series-based questions, syllogism etc.


Here are some pointers that will help you to become pro with logical reasoning:


1. The number one rule to master this section is to keep practicing. The more you practice, the more you will realize that there are some common patterns that some questions have and therefore, practice will make everything better and bag you better score for CUET 2022.


2. Majority of the questions are built on concept. Therefore, it is important that a student solves as many sample papers as possible and practice with the help of mock tests for CUET 2022.


3. A great tip for CUET 2022 would be to solve easier questions first as this might motivate you to cover as many questions as possible.


Otherwise, if you end up not finding the right answer in the options given below every question, it might end up disappointing you.


4. Another thing that you can focus on is that be mindful with the amount of time spent on every question. Ideally it should be 1 minute per question since you need to solve 60 questions in 60 minutes according to NTA for CUET 2022.


So be very careful about that.


5. Have a set number of questions that you must be willing to practice daily. This will keep you motivated in the longer run.





For CUET 2022, this portion should comparatively be easier for students as the syllabus for this has already been taught to you in your secondary school.


The quantitative section demands the ability to examine data and draw conclusions through deductive reasoning.


The quantitative section covers topics like time and work, data interpretation, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, mensuration, probability etc.


1. There is full scope that a student can score full marks in this section, all it requires is dedication and practice daily. CUET 2022 will seem easier if tackled in the right way.


2. Learn the formulas and keep your tips and tricks handy on a notepad. This would make it easier for you to do any type of quick rough work to get the solution within no time.


3. Practice! Practice! Practice! - This always works, especially when it comes to math’s problems. The more you practice and go through sample papers that is out there.


The more you’ll understand the patterns of questions and the easier it will get for you to appear for CUET 2022.


4. The right way to judge what your strength is and what your weakness is, is to keep solving mock papers and self-evaluate. Thus, helping you to score better in CUET 2022.


5. While you are self-evaluating, make a separate column for the mistakes that you made and ensure yourself to work on them so that there is room for improvement.


We hope these pointers help you to prepare better for CUET 2022. Remember to take a mindful pause from time to time before exhausting yourself. And yes, with the right approach towards this exam or any exam, you will overcome your fear.


All you must do is stay focused and be dedicated towards your goal.



All the best!



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