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Types of Books required for NEET Exam Preparation

Types of Books required for NEET Exam Preparation

  • May 18, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

As the NEET exam approaches, candidates receive a lot of advice about study materials. They are given tons of books that promise success. But how many of those books do you really need? Can you pass the NEET with just a handful of well-selected resources? 

Well, it depends. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Foundation: NCERT is Your Bible

NEET toppers often say their prayers to NCERT textbooks (for Class 11 and 12). That’s how important they are. These books explain concepts well using simple language, along with diagrams and illustrations. Hence, mastering them builds the basics for NEET, too, which comes in handy when solving around 80-85% of questions.

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Skills Sharpening: NEET MCQ Books

Once your foundation is strong, it’s time to practice. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on NEET question banks are needed to hone your test-taking skills. Look for subject-wise MCQ books; Physics should be one book, and Chemistry - Organic and Inorganic can be separate books, too! You get the idea.

  • Physics: One good MCQ-based NEET Physics book stands out among all. Try to find a book that explains the concepts well and has lots of practice exercises with answers.
  • Chemistry: Here, try having different NEET books for Organic and Physical Chemistry. That way, these different areas can be targeted directly. Like Physics, select books that have clear explanations and a wide variety of practice questions.
  • Biology: Another thing is that the NEET MCQ Biology book together with the NCERT exemplar book (from NCERT) is also a good combination. The sample book provides additional problems that go beyond the NCERT syllabus, thus allowing you to widen your knowledge.

These books will expose you to a variety of questions — many similar to the actual NEET exam pattern itself. Regularly solving such MCQs helps identify strengths, improve time management skills, and get comfortable with timed exams.


Extra Mile: NEET Sample Papers

Include NEET sample papers in your routine as you progress through the preparation. Solve full-length mock tests that simulate an actual exam environment; time yourself, analyse performance, mark areas that need revision, etc. This not only sharpens problem-solving skills but also builds examination temperament — something very crucial if one wants to succeed on D-day!

Remember Quality over Quantity

Don’t aimlessly collect tonnes of NEET preparation material, thinking the more, the better. No — better understood is half covered! Stick with trusted sources after doing some initial background checks, like looking out for recommendations from toppers or coaching institutes, checking whether the book has been updated as per the latest NEET syllabus, etc. In addition to this, you can also:

  • Look for books recommended by toppers or coaching institutes.
  • Ensure the books are updated with the latest NEET syllabus.
  • Pay attention to explanations provided for solved questions.

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Beyond Books: Exploring Other Resources

NEET preparation is not limited to books, textbooks and question banks alone! Consider joining online coaching classes or subscribing to NEET prep websites that will provide you with extra practice problems, video lectures and doubt-clearing sessions which can greatly enhance your understanding.

Winning Formula: Consistency Trumps All

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many books you have but rather how dedicated and consistent you are with your studies. Make a timetable that covers NCERT mastery, MCQ practice and sample paper solving. Revise regularly, clear doubts as soon as possible; stay positive throughout the journey — and success shall be yours!

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