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Introducing Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book for All Entrance Exams

Introducing Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book for All Entrance Exams

  • June 17, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Are you preparing for entrance exam? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of quantitative ability questions? Despair not, aspiring soldiers, for there is a mighty weapon in your hands – Oswaal's Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book.

This isn't your usual Quantitative Ability Book For Entrance Exams. Oswaal's Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book is meant to be your one-stop destination for mastering numerical problem-solving skills. With countless top scorers and recommended by the 99th percentiles, this book allows you to learn better and excel more in any competitive exam's quantitative section that might cross your way.

Why Choose Oswaal's Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book?

It all comes down to its well-designed concept. You should however forget memorizing things from numbers just conducted without end. It has been an entirely new approach introduced by this book: Quick Revision with Concept-wise Formulae, Tricks & Shortcuts.

Dominate Every Exam with Comprehensive Coverage:

There are many kinds of competitive exams out there; we know it all already. But don't worry about it because Oswaal's Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book has got you covered! It presents an overview of Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Exams covering all bases; be ready to face anything—from CAT and XAT to MAT, Entrance Exams, as well as Government Jobs (MBA Exams).

Unleash Your Inner Math Master with Powerful Features:

Concept Clarity: Beyond being formulaic, Oswaal's Formulae & tricks quantitative ability book chapters provide a detailed analysis of each concept clarified through examples. This builds a solid foundation in every area of quantification.

Valuable Exam Insights: This book goes beyond theory. It equips you with the tools you need to conquer exam day. Learn valuable tricks for mental calculation, master memorization aids, and gain a deeper understanding of deciphering Quantitative Ability questions and their importance in the grand scheme of your competitive exam.

Expert Tips: No more dreaming for cracking the Quantitative Aptitude section at first try. Oswaal's book supplies indispensable expert advice and strategies helping you come up with winning approach to solving most difficult questions.

This Book is a Must-Have for:

Students are appearing for CAT, XAT, MAT, Entrance Exams, and Government Jobs (MBA Exams).

Anyone who wants to improve their quantitative ability and problem-solving skills.

Those seeking a comprehensive and practical guide to mastering quantitative concepts.

Hype Time: Because This Book is a Game Changer!

Imagine yourself walking into the exam hall, confident and prepared. You see a quantitative ability question and a wave of calm washes over you. You recognize the concept, recall the relevant formula from your arsenal of Oswaal's Formulae & Tricks, and apply a nifty shortcut to solve the problem in record time. That's how powerful this book can be.

More than Just a Book:

Oswaal's Formulae & Tricks Quantitative Ability Book is not just another book; it is also an opportunity to develop your quantitative ability beyond the limit. So cast away all anxiety, embrace formulas and tricks for what they are worth, and pass competitive exams like no other!

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