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  • April 28, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


CUET 2022 exam will be conducted in the month of July, as per the National Testing Agency (NTA). Hence, it is extremely important to choose the right study material in order to take admission in your desired University.


As we all know that students are running out of time, since you only have around 2 months to prepare for CUET 2022. This is a crucial time for every student out there and you must know how to be efficient in order to score the best.


Common University Entrance Test (CUET (UG) – 2022) will be conducted in 13 languages including English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu,  across India for admission into the Undergraduate Programmes in Computer Based Test (CBT) mode for all the Central Universities (CUs) in India for the academic year 2022-23.


The exam will have four parts-- Section IA (13 languages), Section IB (19 languages), Section II (27 domain-specific subjects), and Section III (general test).


A Candidate is allowed to take maximum of 09 Tests in following manner for CUET 2022 : Maximum of 02 languages from Section IA and Section IB combined together, maximum of 06 Domain Subjects from Section II and General Test from Section III or Maximum of 03 languages from Section IA and Section IB combined together, maximum of 05 Domain Subjects from Section II and General Test from Section III.


CUET 2022 has been introduced for the purpose of admission into the Undergraduate Programmes in all Central Universities for academic session 2022-2023 under the Ministry of Education (MOE).


While it might seem like a difficult task to cover all the sections of CUET 2022 over a period of 2 months. Here’s how sample papers can act as an aid.


If you are one of those students who have been thorough with their syllabus and now wish to get even better, you’d be happy to know that sample papers would be really beneficial for you.


You can change your studying pattern and get better at it so that you can gain more knowledge. They can help you elevate your preparation in different ways.


Here are some tips and tricks to utilize sample papers to its fullest so you can prepare yourself better.


The benefits of using a sample paper includes:



1. Helps you finding out the level of competition


It’s very important for a student right now to see where he/she stands by assessing himself, because that is when you will be able to see the level of competition and how well prepared you are.


Since you may not be able to know the reaction of other students while undertaking the same activity.


It is important that you have a common ground from which you can help yourself judge better at your current position and see where a change is needed.



2. Identifying Strengths and Limitations


When you end up solving a problem from your textbook, it might seem simple. But when you end up using sample papers, it ends up disclosing whether you actually understand the subject matter or not. 


Having a detailed understanding of your strengths and shortcomings is critical to decide how to approach the paper.



3. Lesser mistakes


While you will be taking your test on multiple sample papers, you will realize the pattern of the exam and how questions can be expected in the actual test.


This will help you to have a better understanding of the exam and hence, you will be less prone to make mistake.


Now enlisting the 5 ways which will ensure that sample papers can help a student prepare better for CUET 2022 :



1. Mark important questions simultaneously:


When you are solving a sample paper, it would be very handy if you start marking important questions simultaneously as this will help you not only to remember them but also to work on those difficulties at the same time.


This way you would be able to perform better in the actual test and hence score better for CUET 2022.



2. Constantly Studying the Sample Papers:


As you all know that sample papers are the exact copy of the original examination paper. Hence it would be really great to go through multiple sample papers on a daily basis.


Solving sample papers is a very good habit and it helps you keep up with your studies. This would make sure that you cover up the sections on time and would make you even more efficient.



3. Make You Determined:


While you are preparing yourself to appear from one sample paper after the other, you are being even more determined than ever. And as you all know, determination is extremely important in studies.


A highly motivated student will any day be more ready to appear for the actual test. Hence it is very important to stay focused on your study material and keep working on it.



4. Revise the portion between solving the papers:


Once you are done completing a particular section of a sample papers, it is important to revise them simultaneously so that you don’t miss out any of the information and learn it in an effective manner.


This will help you remember things for longer period of time and help you solve questions quicker when you are writing the exam paper. So the idea is to learn with a better understanding instead of mugging up the answers.  


Revise the portion where you have solved the paper right after finishing it because this will help you refresh your memory regarding the information given in that chapter or topic.



5. Improvement matters the most:


Remember that while you are going through multiple sample papers, seek for improvement instead of perfection. As improvement would mean that you were actually able to work on your weakness and enhance your strength.


Sample papers are the best way to improve on your lagging points and prepare yourself in the most fruitful way for CUET 2022.


Wishing all the best to all the students out there for CUET 2022. All you have to focus on is the smart way to succeed. Do your best.






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