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  • April 06, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Yes, ICSE students can give the NEET exam and even qualify for it with a good rank. There is no hard and fast rule that only CBSE students can give the NEET exam.


There have been many students in the past who were from ICSE and have cleared NEET with a good rank.


The concepts taught in CBSE schools have significant similarities with the core NEET subject areas, i.e. Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.


Most medical aspirants who want to excel in their NEET entrance exam preparation will find that there is a huge overlap between the CBSE board curriculum and the core syllabus of the NEET.


In the CBSE board, students get the opportunity to learn subject matters organically without much in-depth knowledge like ICSE students.


If you follow various innovative learning strategies, then you can understand the most complex subject areas with a lot of ease.


The core curriculum activities within the CBSE board highly align with the study material for the NEET entrance exam preparation. This will save a lot of time from your end as you have both the curriculum going in sync with each other.


In addition to that, there is also very less confusion about the importance of the subjects which helps streamline the preparation process significantly.


You can gain a better score in NEET if you have a thorough knowledge of the concepts taught for the board exam preparation.


Speed is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to the NEET entrance exam. You may have less than a minute to answer each question therefore you need to have a command of the speed as well as accuracy for the NEET exam.


CBSE board is preferred by most of the students if they want to go for NEET at a later stage because the syllabus is student-friendly and most of the other state boards lack this capability.


If you are preparing for the NEET entrance exam, then it becomes very important that you are well-versed with the eligibility, NEET Syllabus, and other important information about the NEET exam.


You can't just crack the NEET exam in a single day. It is an effort of long-term practice, perseverance, and hard work that collectively combines to give the best results.


Most people think that CBSE students are clearing the NEET exam more than their ISC counterparts.


This is just because the reason that CBSE students follow NCERT books of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for classes XI and XII that highly align with the preparation for the medical entrance examination.


It's not always that CBSE students are well-equipped with knowledge for the NEET exam as before class 11, the ICSE syllabus follows different books for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology that offer them great learning opportunities in the long run.


The board will not affect that much for the NEET exam. It's just your dedication toward your goal that will help you score exceptionally well for the NEET exam.


There are various ISC candidates also that have shown brilliant results in the NEET exam. It’s not the board that matters, it’s your preparation and learning journey that will make a difference.






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