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  • May 18, 2022
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The Common Eligibility Test (CET) is a national-level combined competitive test that will shortlist candidates for non-gazetted, non-technical group 'B' and group 'C' central government posts at the primary (Tier-I) level.

It will be run by the National Recruitment Agency, a newly formed multi-agency group (NRA).

To begin, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), and Institute of Banking Personnel would conduct a Common Eligibility Test for central level positions (IBPS).

Competition will be severe because the NRA CET 2022 will be a single test used to screen/shortlist candidates for the following rounds. As a result, candidates must study attentively in order to adequately prepare for the exam.

The NRA CET will be administered at three levels: Class 10, Class 12, and Graduation. The exam format will most likely be different. The NRA CET 2022, on the other hand, is thought to be based on the test patterns of all three agencies – IBPS, RRBs, and the SSC.

Because the NRA CET 2022 exam is expected to start soon, all government job seekers should get their socks on as soon as feasible.

Most students are excited to learn about the preparation plan and advice because this will be their first time.

Students must first understand that NRA CET 2022 is identical to any other preliminary test that must be passed in order to move to the next tier of examinations offered by recruitment agencies such as IBPS, RRB, and SSC.


NRA CET for SSC Exams

One of the most important exam-conducting bodies in the country is the Staff Selection Commission. SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, Steno Group C, Group D, and other exams are held there.

Due to exam date conflicts, candidates who wished to take numerous exams were unable to do so. All candidates desiring to work for the SSC will benefit from the NRA CET.

They will take a common CET test, after which they will be able to take their desired exam. SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC Steno Group C, Group D, JHT, and other SSC exams will be covered under NRA CET.


The Importance of NRA CET 2022 Preparation Strategy for NRA SSC

(i) You can design both efficient and effective techniques for analyzing mock tests. This would make it easier to prepare for NRA SSC exam.

(ii) You will learn the primary and important chapters of each portion while creating the strategy.

(iii) You will have enough time to focus on your areas of weakness.

(iv) You can devise a flawless method for completing the entire course which suits you and helps you to score better for NRA SSC.

(v) You will be able to successfully complete the curriculum on time.

(vi) You have the option of taking 30-40 full-length mock tests.

(vii) You'll have plenty of time to explore the conceptual chapters further.

(viii) You can devise an effective revision method.

Because no dates for the NRA CET were announced in the official notification, hopefuls have more time to prepare and get higher outcomes.

Students can also begin their preparation with NRA CET Question Bank/Previous Year Solved Paper for RRB IBPS & SSC Exams 2022, which offers various advantages, including:

(i) Concept Notes and Practice Questions organized by chapter and topic for systematic learning

(ii) Blended Learning (Print and online support)

(iii) Exam-cracking tips and tricks

(iv) Concept-based videos using QR codes

(v) Benefits of the NRA CET Phase 1 Common Exam

(vi) Mnemonics and Mind Maps



(i) Carefully examine the test pattern and curriculum to identify which subjects are easy and which are difficult.

(ii) Re-energize yourself by taking frequent brief pauses.

(iii) Practice for NRA CET 2022 by taking free online practice tests for a variety of government exams.

(iv) Create a straightforward schedule that you can stick to. Divide your time so that you may devote equal attention to each subject.

(v) Start with the most crucial topics.

(vi) Recognize your attention span in order to establish how long you can focus productively and make necessary adjustments.

(vii) When answering mock test questions, speed and precision must be balanced. Different Vedic tactics should also be considered.


Expected NRA CET Exam Pattern 2022

After considering the existing tier-I test patterns of SSC, RRB and IBPS exams, it is expected that NRA CET 2022 exam pattern will be similar to what is mentioned below.



(a) English Language

(i) Your vocabulary, grammar, and verbal aptitude will be put to the test in this section.

(ii) Questions about reading, comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, and other topics may be asked.

(iii) You must be well-versed with grammatical rules in order to succeed in this field.

(iv) To broaden your vocabulary, read the editorial pages of newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and novels.

(v) Make reading a habit to improve your speed. This will aid you in responding to queries concerning reading comprehension.



(i) The most important section of any competitive exam is this one.

(ii) The portion on general intelligence and reasoning evaluates the applicants' analytical and problem-solving ability.

(iii) Syllogism, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Alphanumeric Series, Seating Arrangement, and other relevant ideas will be emphasized.

(iv) Start with easy subjects and gradually increase in difficulty.

(v) Take as many practice tests as possible to determine your readiness.

(vi) When it comes to puzzles, be careful and pay close attention.       



(i) The purpose of this section is to examine the candidates' basic mathematical ability.

(ii) This section covers number systems, ratios and proportions, mensuration, interest, profit and loss, algebra, and other important topics.

(iii) Keep tables up to 20 inches square, squares up to 40 inches, and cubes up to 30 inches cubes on hand.

(iv) Make sure you have a good understanding of the fundamentals before moving on to more difficult areas.

(v) Instead of answering difficulties orally, make it a habit to practice by filling out papers. This will help to improve accuracy while also lowering the margin for error.

(vi) Make a list of formulae and short tactics that you employ on a regular basis and review it every day.

(vii) Focus on taking practice tests above all else.



This section offers questions based on a variety of topics/areas, as well as both current and static GK.

(i) Make it a daily habit to watch or read the news to stay up to date on current events. Choose only one newspaper to read and read it thoroughly.

(ii) Because this section is very important, check over the NRA CET 2022 syllabus thoroughly to find the relevant subjects.

(iii) Analyze your strong areas in this section and prioritize those concerns first.

(iv) Include one subject per day and revise on a regular basis.

These pointers should help you prepare for the NRA CET SSC exam. Remember to take a mindful break every now and then before you become exhausted. Breathe. Drink plenty of water and put everything into your exam.

You shoudl better start preparing for NRA CET SSC exam and get these recommended books to help you out : https://oswaalbooks.com/collections/competitive-entrance-exams/nra-cet-2022 


All the best!

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