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  • June 03, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


NRA was established in 2018 as a result of budgetary provisions. The declared goal of NRA CET is to relieve students of the stress of several examinations for similar positions.

Currently, agencies such as IBPS, SSC, RRB, and other departments conduct one-day tests for Group B, Group C, and Group D posts.

For Group B, Group C, and Group D posts in the Indian government, the National Recruitment Agency (NRA) is expected to hold a Common Eligibility Test (CET).

Currently, NRA's goal is to eliminate several examinations, at least for the screening process or prelims.

The NRA CET rules and conditions appear to be friendly to students at first glance, with stipulations such as score validity for three years, no limit on the number of attempts, and the best of three results being considered valid.

NRA is a step toward modernizing India's examination process and bringing it in line with international best practices.


NRA CET Eligibility Criteria

The information provided here is intended for the purpose of determining eligibility for current examinations. We can only speculate on the likely eligibility requirement because NRA and CET have yet to be released.

Once the official notification for the relevant dates of the examination is released, the qualifying criteria for NRA CET will be announced. The following are the expected basic NRA CET eligibility criteria:

Educational qualification

As per the post candidate should have passed – Class 10, Class 12, or graduation

Age limit

There should be an upper age limit for the exam. which can be in the range of 25 to 32 years. The relaxations in age limit are expected to continue

Number of attempts

There is no bar on the number of attempts one can take for the exam, subject to the upper age limit prescribed.


Benefits of the NRA CET Exam

The following are some of the primary benefits of taking the NRA CET Exam:

1. Streamline competitive exams by bringing uniformity to the syllabus and exam pattern for similar positions.

2. The examination procedure will be accelerated.

3. Multiple examinations will no longer be required.

4. Candidates will be less financially stressed because various fees will not be paid.

5. The resources will be utilized to their full potential.

6. State governments may use NRA CET scores in the future.

7. This can help to eliminate bottlenecks and corrupt practices.

The NRA CET syllabus will most likely be the same as those of other Bank, SSC, and RRB Tier I exams. Along with the official exam announcement, the final curriculum will be issued.

There will be a uniform CET syllabus for multiple enterprises' Tier I exams.

Dear Candidates, In numerous competitive tests, one of the most significant sections is reasoning ability. These types of questions were asked in all major competitive tests to assess a candidate's knowledge and mental agility.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning are two key sub-disciplines of reasoning ability. We can expect Reasoning Questions in all bank exams, both prelims and mains.

In the Reasoning Ability Section, there will be 35 questions in the preliminary exam and roughly 40 questions in the main exam.

Seating Arrangement, Puzzles, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding, Alphanumeric Series, Alphabet Series, Blood Relation, Direction Sense, Inequality, Order & Ranking, and Input-Output Questions are among the primary sub-topics in the Reasoning Section.

Seating Arrangements & Puzzles Questions is one of the most essential themes among these. We should expect the most questions from these two themes in both the prelims and mains bank tests.

As a result, aspirants who want to do well in the Reasoning Section should practice more questions on these two areas.


Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy

This is the most difficult of all the sections. This section is used to evaluate the candidates' basic mathematical abilities. The vast majority of contenders steer clear of this section.

Keep in mind, however, that you only need to understand the essential principles of 2-3 chapters to get started. The ideas from these foundational chapters are then applied throughout the book.

1. This section covers number systems, ratios and proportions, mensuration, interest, profit and loss, algebra, and other important topics.

2. Tables for up to 20, squares for up to 40, and cubes for up to 30 are all essential.

3. Make sure you understand the fundamentals before moving on to more difficult areas.

4. Make it a habit to complete papers to practice instead of answering questions orally. This will help to improve accuracy and reduce the margin for error.

5. Make a list of formulas and short tactics that you employ on a regular basis and go over it every day.

6. Focus on taking practice tests first and foremost.


Important Topics for Preparation for Exam:

1. Average

2. Percentage

3. Interest

4. Partnership

5. Time work

6. Pipe & Cistern

7. Time speed distance

8. Ratio proportion

9. Mensuration

10. Geometry


Reasoning Ability Preparation Strategy

This is the most important section of any competitive exam. This section is less about memorizing formulas and more about using your creativity and exercising.

During the exam, the examiner will most likely try to put your common sense to the test. To master this section and earn good grades, you must practice many questions from various chapters.

1. The applicants' analytical and problem-solving abilities are assessed in the General Intelligence and Reasoning portion.

2. Syllogism, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Alphanumeric Series, Seating Arrangement, and other related ideas are covered in depth.

3. Start with simple themes and gradually increase the difficulty.

4. To determine your readiness, take as many practice tests as possible.

5. When it comes to puzzles, be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention.


Important Topics for Preparation for Exam:

1. Inequality

2. Syllogism

3. Blood relation

4. Direction distance

5. Alphanumeric series

6. Order & ranking

7. Puzzle


Wonderful Techniques

1. Prior to going on to further chapters, concentrate on conceptual chapters.

2. When answering mock exam questions, you must balance speed and accuracy. To boost computation speed, concentrate on various Vedic approaches.

3. The analysis of mock tests is the most important stage in which you must not make any mistakes.

4. Mock exams are extremely important in determining your final score on the NRA-CET exam. Keep track of how many mock examinations you've done for the NRA-CET 2022 exam.

5. Examine critical aspects such as accuracy and percentile.

6. Remember that your preparation is meaningless if you don't go over key concepts before the exam.

7. Before the final day, try to revise as many times as possible.

8. After the successful completion of the course, you will be able to recollect concepts and facts with ease.


NRA CET Books for Quantitative Aptitude

In this section, you will get questions from Number Systems, Ratio, and Proportion, Data Interpretation, Percentages, Mensuration, Simple and Compound Interest, etc.

You can refer to the following NRA CET books for Quantitative Aptitude and prepare yourself for NRA CET exam.

1. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma

2. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal

3. Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha

4. Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Topic-wise Solved Papers by Kiran Prakashan


NRA CET Books for General Intelligence and Reasoning

This section comprises questions from topics Analogies, Syllogism, Venn Diagram, Analytical Reasoning, Input-Output, Data Interpretation and Sufficiency, Coding and Decoding, etc. that will help you in NRA CET.

You can refer to the following books for General Intelligence and Reasoning.

1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

2. A new approach to Reasoning by B S Sijwali & S Sijwali

3. Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey

4. Multi Dimensional Reasoning by Mishra & Kumar Dr. Lal

5. Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations by Nishant K Sinha


Hope these tips help you out. You can get all the recommended books directly from here : https://oswaalbooks.com/collections/competitive-entrance-exams/nra-cet-2022 


All the Best!

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