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  • March 26, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



Whenever we hear the word education then the only thing that strikes our mind is taking exams and getting good marks. Isn’t it?


But, is it the true essence of education?


The concept of education has been misinterpreted for quite a long time. And it is very important to understand its core motive and principle.


Education means getting knowledge to improve upon every aspect of our life.


In true meaning, education is holistic development in all areas of life.


In addition to that, education has a central role to play in human development.


Now, you must be wondering how education and human development are interrelated?


But, let me tell you, that education and human development have strong connected roots.


If you want concrete validations for the same and want to know more about it, then keep on reading this blog till the end. And, I assure you that by the end of this blog you will be fascinated by the true meaning of education.


So, let’s deep dive and have a look at how education impacts human development.



What is human development?


To understand the correlation between education and human development, it is imperative to understand the concept of human development.


In layman's terms, human development comprises holistic development that counts for social, physical, mental, as well as economic development.


It deals with the exploration of these factors to become a better individual. So, to progress and succeed in life, you need to develop the core ethics to become a better individual.


This can be easily achieved with the assistance of education.


Aren’t you getting curious to know more about it?


Jump down to the below section to have better knowledge about this aspect.



How do education and human development go hand in hand?


Now, you must be curious to get the validations for the notion that education is a key aspect of human development.


There are various scenarios in which you can see that education has turned the tables. So, let’s have a look at some of those scenarios.



1. Overcome social prejudices


Earlier, people were having various beliefs and myths in their minds with which they stick aggressively.


But, with education, people have started looking for the logic behind a certain thing. This has helped them to overcome those prejudices and live healthy life.


For example, many villages or families thought that girl education was not at all necessary.


But, as soon as time passed by and they were enlightened about education and its benefits, then it has helped them to change their mindset.


Now, we can see that girls are also doing great in various fields. This prejudice was broken only with the help of sheer education and enlightenment.


If you are educated, then you can also help others to brighten and broaden their mindset.



2. Offers access to better health care


The health of the people is improved ten-folded with the help of education.


You can learn about various health problems via the means of education.


With the education, you get an opportunity to learn about the symptoms of various health issues. This acts as a foundational step to help you get the early first aid or medication when you face such a problem.


Moreover, with education, you also know that if your health is not recovering then its’ time to see the doctor.


For example, nowadays, if a person is suffering from diabetes then he/she can easily check the glucose levels at home just with the machine.


This is possible only with the help of education that has brought such a revolutionized change in society.



3. Assists in nurturing talent


Every individual has their dreams and aspirations. Education is the sole key to unlocking and exploring various opportunities that can help you grow.


For instance, if you know what you want to do but don’t know how you want to do it, then how will you achieve your goal?


In that situation, education gives wings to your dreams and helps them to become reality.


With education, you gain knowledge in different fields. And, as you go on increasing your knowledge, you develop a sense of passion for something.


When you come across that thing, then you can listen to that inner voice from yourself "This is it, I want to do something in this!!"


And all credit goes to the education that helps to build this caliber in you.



4. Enhances creativity


Education allows you to think out of the box. You even develop a hustling mindset with education.


Otherwise, you would always take a step back from taking the risks.


You will also cultivate a healthy and productive lifestyle with the assistance of education.


Still trying to figure out, how this can happen?


For example, you want to work on the practical aspect of a topic told to you in the classroom. Then how you will start it?


It all begins from the education that you gained and the doors that it had opened for you.

Apart from that, you will also feel curious to know about various other things in life. This is only possible with education.


Because it is very important to stay curious to know things in life as it will add to your knowledge and offers you the opportunity to know more about your inner personality.



5. Contributes to country's development


Education never teaches us to think only about ourselves. But, it is the way of teaching to help others selflessly.


If you are educated, then you are not only making yourself or your parents happy. But, you are also contributing towards the development of the country.


After attaining great education, you can even go for research or development that can help the country to grow at a national level.


Educated peoples bring laurels in every sector be it academics or some other co-curricular activities.


Education gives you that determination and focuses in your life that you ardently need to achieve your goals. And, ultimately it contributes to your development as a human.



6. Connect with the inner self


You must be wondering, that how education can connect me to my inner self?


But, education does this!!


Take a scenario, where you believe that you are good at some 'xyz' thing and you consider yourself as a pro in that area.


In that situation, you get a defensive attitude to protect yourself from others.


But, if you gain knowledge if you know that you are good at something, then you will introspect yourself in the first place.


You will ask a few questions to yourself like "Am I good at it?" "Am I perfect?" "Which areas need improvement?" "Am I boasting about it?"


This is the difference that only education can bring in your behavior and life.



7. Helps develop better communication skills


Communication opens an ample number of opportunities in your life.


But, how you can avail of these opportunities?


Consider a scenario, if you are not educated enough then will you be able to talk confidently in front of a large audience?


Won’t you hesitate or fumble?


Its answer is a big NO!!


But, have you ever thought why can't you speak in front of a large audience? This is only due to a lack of confidence which ultimately comes from a lack of education.


On the other hand, if you are educated enough then you won't feel hesitant to put your point in front of everyone. And, you will speak without the fear of being judged.


You must have observed scenarios where people still hesitate to talk in front of so many people even if they have a good education.


This is just because they lack that confidence. And, it can be built if you practice it religiously.


Practice can help to overcome any sort of fear in your life.


So, why not this one?


Have faith in your education and yourself and see the wonders it can bring to your life.


Final Thoughts


Education plays an indelible role in every human’s life.


It is that powerful thing in one's life that can change the future!!


By now, you must have seen how education can drastically impact human life. So, why not take quality education?


But, always keep in mind that education is about gaining knowledge and applying it in your life rather than just cramming things and doing nothing out of it.


If you focus on gaining knowledge then the fear of getting good marks in exams will vanish from your head. Because you know you are studying to make an impact rather than just passing the exams.


So, never underestimate the power of learning in your life!!


Do write us in the comment section, what is your opinion regarding the role of education.


All the Best!




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