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  • May 26, 2022
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CUET is a highly competitive exam owing to the fact that it is attempted every year by brilliant candidates from all across India to secure their place in an assorted list of top Central Universities.

It may not be the easiest nut to crack but as a Class 12th student, you must have been through similar or more challenging circumstances.

The most taxing aspect of attempting CUET is that it usually falls in the 12th year of a candidate’s education, and therefore acts as an added burden over board exams, university applications, and other academic duties.

Nonetheless, CUET is nothing you can’t beat with some background information and regular practice.

Since CUET is meant to offer students from all across India a common and fair shot at securing admission in 45 Central Universities, it is also fairly comprehensive in its syllabus.

All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the exam pattern through rigorous paper practice, develop a habit of reading, and develop a healthy balance between your regular studies and CUET.


What is the exam pattern for CUET?

The exam pattern for CUET is quite straightforward, as it consists of 4 sections: 2 Sections of Reading Comprehension Test, Domain-Specific Test, and General Aptitude Test.

In this way, it can comprehensively judge your aptitude for your future placement in a prospective university.

The Reading Comprehension Test is divided into two sections with the first offering 13 languages and the second offering 19 additional languages. Candidates can choose 3 languages from the total number, and will have to attempt the test for each language in 45 minutes.

For the Domain-Specific Test, each candidate can choose 6 out of 27 subjects, and attempt 40 out of 50 questions within 45 minutes assigned for each subject.

The students select their subjects according to the requirements of the universities they aim to secure admissions in.

The General Aptitude Test consists of 75 questions which demand students to apply their logical and analytical reasoning, general knowledge, basic intelligence, and fundamental mathematical ability.

The total duration of this MCQ-based test is 60 minutes. 


Is the CUET exam online?

CUET 2022 will be held online so that every candidate attempts the test at the same time under the same guidelines, and has an equal chance of competing for their place among the limited number of seats offered by the universities participating in CUET admission procedure.

It is a computer-based test which is conducted once a year in 154 examination centers established by NTA across India.

Students can  begin their application process at the following webpage: https://cuet.samarth.ac.in/index.php/app/registration/form. Here, they will be required to enter their personal details, and will receive a system-generated registration number.

They will then have to complete the rest of the form and submit it along with the CUET fees to complete the online application procedure.

The students who apply under the PWD category do not have to pay any application fees. Students are also advised to regularly visit the official website for updates and announcements.


Important dates to remember

The applications for appearing in CUET 2022 can be submitted from 6th April 2022 till 5pm on 6th May 2022 as per NTA’s announcement.

After the conclusion of the application process, the students will receive their admit cards in the 2nd week of June. The test will be held online in the first two weeks of July 2022 in the following arrangement:


1. Slot 1: 3 hrs 15 min

2. Slot 2: 3 hrs 45 min


Is the CUET exam compulsory?

The Ministry of Education has made CUET compulsory for securing admissions in all undergraduate courses offered by 45 Central Universities of India, as per the announcement made by the National Testing Agency.

This will standardize the admission process in all central educational institutes, which is a promising step towards maintaining equality in the standard of higher education all across the country.

Some of the universities which have made it mandatory for students to have appeared in CUET before applying for admissions are:

1. Delhi University

2. Jawaharlal Nehru University

3. Jamia Millia Islamia

4. Maulana Azad National Urdu University

5. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University

It must also be noted that only CUET UG (Undergraduate) has been made compulsory for admissions in the Central Universities. CUET for Postgraduate, Diploma Courses, Integrated Courses, and Research Programs has not yet been made mandatory by the government.

The eligibility criteria for attempting CUET UG is that the candidate should have passed, or is going to appear in the board exams for Grade 12th, or any examination which is considered equivalent for the same.

There is neither any age restriction, nor requirement of Grade 10th certificate for candidates to appear in CUET 2022.

Also, if you need CUET 2022 books to score maximum in CUET 2022 exam, you can get them here : https://oswaalbooks.com/collections/competitive-entrance-exams/cuetug-2022




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