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Is Previous Year Question Paper Important for Class 10?

Is Previous Year Question Paper Important for Class 10?

  • April 22, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

In order to understand the present, it's important to know the history. Similarly, in order to understand the exam pattern, its rigour, the type of questions asked and the marking scheme, one needs to know the Previous Year's Question Papers. Class 10th is the first step of the career, which is a turning point in school life as one prepares to take board exams for the first time. 

Previous Year Question Papers are an indispensable resource in Class 10th. They are a guidebook that helps students understand what type of questions were asked in previous years and how they can prepare for what may come ahead. Many times, questions from previous years' papers are picked again. 

Previous Year Question Papers are extremely important for preparation and equipping for the exam. Let's take a look at some of its advantages.

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Understand the Exam Pattern

Previous Year Question Papers give insights into the exam pattern, types of questions asked, marking scheme, important topics and how marks are distributed across different sections. 


Previous Year Question Papers help students to practice what they have learned and test. It's the best way to test the entire syllabus and how much you are prepared. A lot of times, one can learn about a topic or a part of the syllabus they have missed from studying. It makes a student exam ready.


Boasts Confidence 

Once you start solving previous year question papers, each question boasts your morale and gives you insight into your preparation level. It helps a person to understand the topics more deeply and how much they can be questioned on the same. The question papers also improve the speed, accuracy and time management skills which comes handy while writing the exam.

Helps In Revision 

The previous year's question papers are a comprehensive tool for revising the entire syllabus in one go, as a student gets to answer questions on different topics in one go. They help you to brush up on your syllabus and recall what you have studied. 

Performance Analysis 

The previous year's papers help students analyze their performance by identifying their weak and strong areas. They can critically analyze the sections they need to work on more and the ones they know. They can also understand their answer writing speed and the time needed for different types of questions. 

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One must practice with the previous year's papers before the entire syllabus is finished. You can start using it once you have fairly covered the syllabus and gain an understanding of which topics are given more importance than the others. Previous Year Question Papers are the most important tool for rectifying mistakes and improving one's performance. It gives a clear understanding of the exam, thus improving confidence, problem-solving skills

We wish you Luck for the upcoming Board Exams 2025

Put the Best Foot forward! 

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