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What are the benefits of Using NCERT Exemplar for Class 10?

What are the benefits of Using NCERT Exemplar for Class 10?

  • May 04, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

In India, excelling in CBSE class 10 board exams is a big deal for students. Many students regard NCERT textbooks for Class 10 as their base for exam preparation; however, some seek extra resources to strengthen their knowledge and evaluate their ability to apply what they have learned. This is where the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 comes in with its advantage for students interested in getting high grades.

What is the NCERT Exemplar Class 10?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) developed the NCERT Exemplar Class 10. It contains carefully crafted questions exceeding those found in standard NCERT textbooks. Such problems involve higher-order thinking skills, application-based scenarios, and a deeper understanding of concepts.

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What are the Benefits of Using NCERT Exemplar Class 10?

The NCERT Exemplar Class 10 offers several benefits for students who want to excel in their board exams and potentially competitive entrance tests. Here's a breakdown of why you should include NCERT Exemplar in your study plan: 

Deeper Understanding: They delve deeper into concepts than regular textbooks typically do. It offers a wider range of problems including Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions that require you to think critically and apply concepts differently.  In this way, you'll get better at solving problems and acquire a profound understanding of the subject matter.


Exam Preparation: As the Board Exams are around the corner, go beyond rote learning formulas and facts. Problems from NCERT exemplar Class 10 will explain the format and difficulty level expected in actual examination settings. Engaging with these problems through regular practice will prepare you well so that even the most difficult questions can be answered confidently.

Strong Foundation for Competitive Exams: Preparing for Board Exams is only one aspect covered by this textbook. The problem-solving techniques and concepts you will learn here will form an excellent foundation for competitive entrance tests such as JEE (Main) and NEET. There are many questions inspired by NCERT concept-driven examinations, while exemplars challenges map out the levels of thinking required.

Improved Application Skills: Most problems do not occur in the laboratory but apply to real-life situations. By working through such problems, you'll be able to connect between theory and practice, leading to more meaningful and richer learning experiences. This valuable capability of using your knowledge practically will come in handy during your academic journey.


Boosts Confidence: When you face the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 and solve the questions successfully, it will build your self-confidence. To tackle exams positively in a certain direction, you need a new-found belief in yourself.

Building Exam Temperament: More exposure to different questions will help you anticipate the unexpected. When you practice using NCERT Exemplar Class 10, you'll become well-equipped for exam stress and approach unanticipated questions calmly and analytically.

How to effectively use the NCERT Exemplar Class 10?

Master the NCERT Textbook First: Understand all fundamental concepts discussed in NCERT Class 10 textbooks before attempting any example from Exemplar. This is essential because it lays a strong foundation for dealing with intricate problems.

Focus on Quality over Quantity: Avoid overwhelming yourself by trying to solve all of them. On the contrary, concentrate on understanding how every solution works so you can apply it later on in similar exercises.

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It is a useful material that will enable you to perform well in exams and other competitive activities. When you use it in your study schedules, you should move from cramming to fully understanding subjects , leading to a passion for studying beyond the classroom. Let's remember that regular exercises and grasping concepts are necessary to fully exploit what the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 has to offer.

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