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  • January 08, 2022
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Well, that’s tricky!


If you are a teacher, then you can relate to it!


With the ever-evolving technology advancements coming in the education field, the learning process for students is also evolving.


And therefore, students expect from teacher.


No doubt, teachers try to give their best efforts while teaching their students.


But learning is a two-way process!


Teachers also expect students to stay focused.


In return, students expect a learning-friendly environment from teachers.


But what these expectations are?


Let’s clear picture to know what the students expect from teachers.



1. Fun & Learning


Blend the fun and learning part of the classroom!




That’s what students expect.


The first and foremost expectation of the students from the teachers is to have fun and interesting lectures in class.


Students' minds are evolving at a very rapid pace and so does their learning capabilities.


If a teacher comes into a class and just gives the lecture traditionally, then students can't get bored after some time.


Students may lose their interest in the class if the learning remains monotonous.


That’s why it’s important to understand the expectation of students.


All teachers listen up!  


You should take care of the entire set of students’ expectations and offer them the best learning experience with fun intended.



2. Passion for Profession


Students can easily figure out whether a teacher delivering a lecture in the class has a passion for their profession or not.


They expect you to show enthusiasm and love towards the subjects and towards them too.


For instance, when you share some interesting facts or some out-of-the-box tips with the students about the subject, then that may catch their interest.


It gives them the idea that the teacher has a zeal for the profession and is not here just to deliver the lecture.


Your enthusiasm towards the subject is a key concern for the students that they expect from your end.



3. Help is a Responsibility!


Being a teacher, you have the entire responsibility to help students learn.


Yes! It’s a responsibility and more sort of a duty as a teacher!


Every student is different and so does their learning abilities.


If a student is brilliant, then no doubt he/she will require less attention from your end. But, if a student is not good at learning then he/she will expect more assistance from your end.


Nonetheless, you need to help them all equally.


You need to show compassion!


Make sure to have a positive attitude towards them and understand the reason behind their problem.



4. Show Appreciation!


Every student works hard in their own way.


Instead of judging the students based on their marks, you should appreciate their efforts.


Because you never know what's happening in their lives.


This is one of the basic expectations of every student from the teacher's end.


You should encourage the students to work and learn. This will not only help them succeed but will also boost up their confidence ten-fold.



5. Competition is Good!


If a teacher keeps the same flow of teaching, then it becomes monotonous for the students.


Students love to take challenges that come their way.


On similar grounds, they expect challenges in various works from teachers. This will not only help them improve but also boost up their morale to do things.


You can give them the challenge to get their work done or introduce a new factor in completing the assignment or project work.


This will make them thrilled and they will start working for the challenge with utmost dedication.


When someone tries to give the challenge, they put their heart and soul to prove themselves capable enough of doing the thing and proving others wrong.


Do you know how teachers can LEARN from Students? Read the article to know!



6. Give Them Time!


When you deliver some lecture in the class then you can’t expect every student to grasp every single thing in one go.


The assimilation process and the tendency of every student are different.


Students want some time to grasp the things taught in the class, process them and produce them.


They expect this time from your end!


You need to be patient enough so that students can understand the concepts properly without facing any trouble.


This will even give them the time to ponder over the concepts and have thorough clarity about them.



7. Relate with Them


Students get more comfortable and open with the teachers who can relate to them.


If you consider yourself in the place of students, then you will be able to discuss things with only those people on whom you can count.


Similar is the case with students.


You should take out time and try to know more about the students. This will give them the idea that you want to know about them.


Moreover, if they are in any sort of problem or if they are facing any difficulty in the class. Then they can only tell you if they can trust you properly.


You need to earn that trust to help the students in times of adversity.


All the students are not the same, therefore they expect this from your end.



Final Thoughts


By now, you must have got a clear idea that its' not at all a good idea to always expect students to stand by your expectations. 


It is a mutual relationship and students expect something from teachers as well.


Once you start realizing their expectations from your end then there is no looking back.


This will not only help you improve your teaching but will even help students in better learning.


Start understanding the expectations of the students.


All the Best!



And do write below in the comment section what changes you have observed after making this change a part of your life.


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