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  • March 15, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”~ by Mark Twain


You must be wondering, I was looking for effective time management and what’s the frog doing here?


Well, there is a secret behind it!! You need to read this blog till the end to reveal the secret.


It is a way of managing your time well in the day and feeling more productive.


Let’s say you are doing various things in a day for your board preparation, but still, at the end of the day, you feel disheartened as you feel you haven’t achieved anything.


So, for this reason, you need to eat a frog!!


Shocked?? Right?


Keep on reading further to connect the dots about this frog that is making you curious since the beginning of this blog.



What is “eat that frog” mean?


"Eat that Frog" seems to be a very funny or disgusting phrase but it has a great analogy attached to it.


Is there anything you find very difficult?


Hold on and think of it!!


Well, there will be many things that you can think of. Now, narrow down the horizon and think about it from the perspective of the day.


There will be at least one thing in a day that you will find very hard to do and you keep on pushing that thing to the end of the day. And this cycle goes on repeating for days and weeks.


For example, learning dates from the history chapter could be one such thing that you are postponing since morning. And at the end of the day, you console yourself by giving the excuse "I will surely do it tomorrow" and that tomorrow never comes.


This is where eating that frog helps. According to this phrase, you should do the most difficult task of the day first thing in the morning.


It will not only make you relived but you will become more positive for the entire day. All thanks to the frog i.e. the most difficult task that you have done in the first place!!



What tasks can be considered as frogs?


Now, you completely understand what does the phrase "eat that frog means" But, you must be wondering what type of tasks can be considered as frogs?


So, if we see from a logical perspective then any task can be considered as a frog that dreads you a lot.


But, some common task categories can be considered as frogs. Let's have a look at the type of tasks.


1. Extremely difficult task


A task would be very difficult in the sense that it is very difficult to complete, it will take a lot of time, or it is so boring that you are not interested in doing it.


These types of tasks can be considered frogs.


For example, if you have to submit a science project for which you need to perform extensive research then it would be like a frog to you.



2. Extremely important task


If you have some highly important task that requires your every bit of focus then you keep on postponing it because you want to give your best shot.


But, as you keep on postponing the deadline to complete that task arrives and you need to rush for that task. It can also be a frog to you.


For example, you want to go and give the test for being a member of the quiz club. But, you keep on postponing it with the thought that what others will think or I should prepare more first.


But, if you don’t try for it then your opportunity is gone!!



3. Extremely important and difficult task


When a task comes in this category then you procrastinate a lot.


For example, you have to submit a project within a 2-day deadline. You know about this thing earlier. But, you were postponing it by considering it as the frog.


And now the day has come to submit it. But, you have nothing left in your hand rather than procrastination.



How to “eat that frog”?


You know what types of tasks can be frogs. Now, the most important question arises, how to deal with this frog? If it would have been so easy that I might have done it earlier. Right?


There is a very simple approach to each that frog.


1. Firstly label your tasks for the day to identify your frog.


2. Once you find the frog, then do that task the first thing in the morning.


3. After completing the frog, you can shift your focus to other tasks that have low importance than frog


Now, the catch is how will you properly label the tasks?


For this purpose, you can use the matrix method. To use this method, firstly be sure about the tasks that you need to accomplish in a day. Now, you have to divide your to-do list into 4 quadrants.


The four quadrants will be namely:


Quadrant 1: Put the tasks that you don’t want to do, but you have to do.


Quadrant 2: Put the tasks that you want to do and also need to do.


Quadrant 3: Put the tasks that you want to do but are not required.


Quadrant 4: Put the tasks that you don’t want to do and also they are not required.


Your frog will lie in the first quadrant. As soon as you complete the first quadrant, you can move to other quadrants sequentially.


For example, you have to solve a sample paper in quadrant 1, complete an assignment in quadrant 2, participate in a quiz in quadrant 3, and go for a singing competition in quadrant 4.


Here, solving the sample paper becomes your frog that you need to eat in the first place.


In this way, you can identify your tasks in a day and eat that frog.



Advantages of “Eat that Frog”


Various advantages come bundled with "eat that frog". Once you get familiar with these advantages, I assure you that you will make it a part of your daily study regime if you are a student.


1. Develops a positive approach


When you complete a task, then you gain the feeling of accomplishment. This accomplished feeling will strive you to do more and go beyond your limits.


And, if you get this accomplished feeling after completing a difficult task then nothing else can beat that happiness. Therefore, eating that frog will help you develop that positive approach for the entire day.


2. Make prioritization easier


Once you start implementing eat that frog to your tasks, you will start analyzing the importance of each task. In addition to that, it will help you get a clear vision regarding your daily workload.


This will help you easily segregate the tasks, and you will precisely know which task you will accomplish in the first place.



3. Gives more time for enjoyment

When you complete the most dreadful task that you would have never enjoyed then you are left with a decent amount of time to enjoy in a day.


It will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable that you have already accomplished the most difficult task.





By now, you must have got a clear idea about “eat that frog”.


It will help to make your life easier when you accomplish the difficult tasks in the first place.


You just need to find your frog of the day and eat it!!


This will give you that happiness and motivation that you can’t find anywhere.


Do write us in the comment section what are your views on this!!



All the best!



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