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  • May 10, 2022
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CUET 2022 is approaching, and students have started preparing for the entrance exam.


The Central University Entrance Test (CUET) syllabus has been specified by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for students taking the Central University Entrance Test.


Previously, it was referred to as the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET).


Given that the exam is expected to take place in July 2022, students should buckle up and begin preparing for the exam immediately.


The CUET syllabus 2022 will be beneficial for students in that it will provide them with a clear understanding of the topics and units they will need to prepare for the entrance exam.


It would be beneficial to have a thorough comprehension of and familiarity with the syllabus to develop a preparation strategy.



CUET Syllabus 2022


The updated CUET 2022 Syllabus for undergraduate topics has been published on the official website of the University Grants Commission.


On this page, they have shared the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) Syllabus 2022 and the test pattern to make things easier for students.


CUET Syllabus 2022 and CUET Exam Pattern give students an overview of the topics covered in the examination and the time given to complete the examination successfully.


Candidates preparing for the exam must be familiar with the CUET Syllabus for the disciplines in which they will be tested. Candidates who have a thorough understanding of the subjects will be able to complete their CUET preparation in less time.


Check out the CUET syllabus for the following sections:



CUET 2022 UG Exam Pattern


The CUET syllabus for 2022 is divided into three sections: Section I (IA and IB), Section II, and Section III. Section IA and IB of the CUET exam syllabus will have questions on languages, Section II will contain questions on domain-specific topics, and Section III will contain questions for the General Test.




Subject / Test Type


No. of Questions


To be Attempted


Exam Duration


Section IA       


Choose any out of 13 Languages






45 minutes for each language


Section IB


Choose any out of 20 Languages except the one chosen in Section IA






45 minutes for each language


Section II


27 Domain-specific Subjects (A candidate can select a maximum of six (06) Domains as desired by the applicable University/Universities)






45 minutes for each subject


Section III


General Test






60 minutes




CUET Exam Syllabus


CUET Language Test Syllabus


Questionnaires in Reading Comprehension (based on different kinds of passages–factual, literary, and narrative [Literary Aptitude & Vocabulary]) assess the students' fluency in the language.


Following are the languages that are included in Sections IA and IB:


Section IA: Bengali, Odiya, English, Hindi, Assamese, Urdu Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and Punjabi.


Section IB: Nepali, Chinese, Tibetan, Kashmiri, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Persian, Spanish, Arabic, Maithili, Sanskrit, Bodo, Konkani, Santhali, Dogri, Manipuri, and Sindhi.



CUET Domain-Specific Subjects:


Section II contains 27 domain-specific subjects, and we have listed them all here. From the list of subjects provided below, candidates may select a maximum of six subjects:


1. Chemistry


2. Psychology


3. Economics/ Business Economics


4. Accountancy/BookKeeping


5. Engineering Graphics


6. Mathematics


7. History


8. Biology/ Biological Studies/ Biotechnology/Biochemistry


9. Anthropology


10. Entrepreneurship


11. Legal Studies


12. Physics


13. Environmental Science


14. Teaching Aptitude


15. Mass Media/ Mass Communication


16. Geography/Geology


17. Sanskrit


18. Home Science


19. Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India


20. Physical Education/ NCC /Yoga


21. Agriculture


22. Political Science


23. Business Studies


24. Sociology


25. Computer Science/ Informatics Practices


26. Fine Arts/ Visual Arts /Commercial Arts,


27. Performing Arts – (i) Drama- Theatre (ii) Dance (Kathak/ Bharatnatyam/ Oddisi/ Kathakali/Kuchipudi/ Manipuri (iii) Music General (Hindustani/ Carnatic/ Rabindra Sangeet/ Percussion/ Non-Percussion),



CUET General Test Syllabus


In the CUET paper, Section III is titled "General Aptitude Test (GA)," and it will consist of the following sections:


Logical and Analytical Reasoning


This subject will assess a candidate's capacity to recognize patterns and logical connections and strengthen faulty arguments, among other things.


Furthermore, this subject will determine the potential to comprehend the relationship and structure and explain the logical consequences of the structures, among other things.



English Language


In this section, the questions will be based on vocabulary (such as synonyms, analogies, and antonyms), Proficiency (such as idioms and phrases), One-Word Substitution, Sentence Improvement, rearrangement, and fill in the blanks, among other things.



Mathematical Aptitude


The purpose of this segment is to assess candidates' numerical abilities.



General Knowledge & Current Affairs


History (ancient, medieval, and modern), economics, general science, civics, geography, and current affairs are some of the areas that have been covered in the past year.


This subject will examine the student's awareness of current events and their world knowledge.


So now you know the detailed syllabus of CUET 2022. Knowing the syllabus will help you in creating a perfect strategy for preparing for the exam and acing it.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Which mode of examination would be used for the CUET 2022 examination?


In the year 2022, the CUET test will be conducted entirely online.



When will the CUET 2022 examination be held?


The CUET exam in 2022 will be held in the first and second weeks of July.



How to download the 2022 CUET syllabus pdf?


You can download the CUET 2022 syllabus at the official website www.nta.ac.in





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