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10 Do’s & Don’ts to Score Maximum in Class 10 Social Science

10 Do’s & Don’ts to Score Maximum in Class 10 Social Science

  • October 08, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

“How to score maximum in CBSE class 10 exam?”

“What to do and what not to do in class 10 SST board exam?”

Every student of class 10 is trying to find the answers to these questions based on their own thought process.

In the CBSE 10th curriculum, class 10 SST syllabus is broken down into 5 different individual subjects and textbooks including History, Geography, Political Science, Economics and Disaster Management.

Now each subject has its own preparation process and their own time frame to complete it.

Let’s understand each of these subjects individually and find out the way to score maximum in class 10 social science board exam.  



Let's start with the subject History which usually gives nightmares to students. To prepare for History, the best approach for CBSE Board exams is to go through the Nationalism, Unification, and Industrialization part like a story.

Students preparing for class 10 SST board exam, will find them interesting due to several turns of events that have now shaped the world as we know it. This might in turn help to understand and memorize the events and their timeline on your fingertips.

Now coming to the chapters such as Print and Culture, students should keep a note of all the important dates, names, places, and people in a separate diary and keep on revising them first thing in the morning. Once you are done with the entire syllabus, various guidebooks and sample papers will provide you with a question-centric approach by practicing questions will let you know the kinds of questions asked.

For Class 10 SST board exam, this is important as it will make you well prepared to answer the long article-like answers and therefore will make you exam ready.




For Geography, the best way to aim for the perfect score is by maintaining tables and making notes of almost every important term and topics. Starting with the mines of each mineral ore and the different kinds of industries where they are found, everything is important for the Class 10 SST board exam.

‘Marking the Map’ is another quite useful approach to memorizing. Get your hands on some blank maps for both India and the world and mark the locations in the maps with the use of pencil.


Political Science

Political Science is comparatively an easier subject than the above two. A Good score can be achieved in CBSE class 10 SST board exam just by discussing the political parties and the current Indian political scenario with the people around you. Moreover, a question-centric approach will do wonders for your preparation to make it better with time and hence sample papers will be best for it.




Economics being one of the most interesting subjects of the whole class 10 SST syllabus, has used interesting stories to make it more relatable to the very core of Economics. Students just require a logical perspective to get familiar with it.



Disaster Management


This is the easiest and the least time-consuming subject of the Class 10 SST board exam syllabus. Just do a thorough reading of the textbook and you will be good to go for CBSE class 10 board exams.


All the above-mentioned tips for individual subjects will be enough for students to score a perfect 100 in CBSE class 10 SST board exam like a champion. 

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