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5 Amazing Techniques to boost your marks in CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam

5 Amazing Techniques to boost your marks in CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam

  • October 07, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


English is a subject which usually gets behind the other mainstream subjects. But today, English stands out as an important subject/language which students are required to prioritise. Here are some expert tips for the students to ace the CBSE class 10 English board exam.

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Exam pattern for CBSE class 10 English board exam

1. Section A (20 marks): The section includes reading comprehension wherein two unseen passages will be given. Along with that, note making is provided in this section.


2. Section B (20 marks): Here the writing skills are put to examine. All the forms of writing including letter writing, notice writing, article writing, poster making are included.


3. Section C (20 marks): This section is to check your grammar skills.


4. Section D (20 marks): This section is all about literature and poems.


Trending: CBSE Class 10 Question Bank For 2022-23 

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5 Amazing Tips for CBSE class 10 English Board Exam

1. The characters are crucial!

Every student gets anxious while preparing for an English exam because of the never-ending confusion between character names. There are numerous stories and tons of characters in them so to understand the characters better, students should first get a better idea of the story and the role of each character in that story.


2. Formulate an answering pattern and stick to it.

Most common problem while writing an English paper that every student usually faces is the lack of time to finish answers. As per the question paper pattern, try to answer the long answer questions first


3. Check for grammatical errors

The most common and frustrating way of losing marks in an English exam is by making minor grammatical errors that students tend to do while answering. The one way to rectify this error is to ensure that you save enough time for a proper read-through of your answer sheet.


4. Remember the answering Formats

The lengthy letters or articles that need to be written are included in every writing section. The most important thing of all is the format for every letter, article, mail, or even notice that you’ll use while answering. The difference between the format of a formal letter might not be much compared to an informal letter but it’s still important to get the marks you desire. So, you should always remember the formats.


5. Read what you write, write what you read

Reading is quite a crucial part of CBSE class 10 English board exam. You need to be very focussed on what you read before you start writing it. Effective reading may lead to effective writing and mostly it is the lack of a proper read-through that hampers student’s chances of scoring better in your board exam.


In the end, CBSE class 10 English board exam is good to boost your overall percentage, but don’t make too many silly errors in your answer sheets. Don’t fear the CBSE class 10 English board exam, embrace the possibilities of scoring maximum in it instead and you will be surprised that you’re able to score maximum in English. 



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