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  • June 16, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Career has become a major concern for every person in the 21st century.

There has been a lot of struggle to choose the optimum career of choice in the early days. People used to follow the flocks and the career paths that everyone else were following without worrying about their interests.

But now, those days are gone!!

You have the opportunity to introspect and see the things around you and then take a call for your career.

This seems to be a bit unrealistic at the very first instance. But, it’s not the case.

Nowadays, various ways will help you to find the best-suited career for your future.

We have also come with one such initiative for your needs.

You can take the career assessment test in various aspects to see which career suits you best and where you will be leading your life.

The tests designed are not at all hypothetical and are made under the considerable supervision of experienced scholars, psychologists, and psychiatrists to offer you a crystal clear vision of your career.

You must be wondering, is there only one type of test or there are various tests for various purposes.

Well, stay glued till the end of this blog and you will get your queries resolved.

So, let’s get started!


Psychometric career assessment tests

Overall five tests are being offered under the umbrella of the career assessment test.

By completing every test, you will get a report generated separately that will give you an analysis of your career i.e. it will give you a clear picture that what career prospects suits you based on your interest levels.

Below are the details of five tests available for career assessment.

1. Ideal career test

Whether you are someone who is going to start your career journey or someone who wants to switch to another career then Ideal Career Test is an amazing test to go with.

This test includes 180 questions and based on your responses, you will get a detailed report showing the top 3 careers that you can opt for as per your interest and knowledge levels.


2. Commerce-based test

Commerce students juggle a lot to find the best career option to go with i.e. whether to go with the financial or non-financial domain.

Students of classes 11th, 12th and B.Com can take commerce-based test to find out which Commerce career will suit their future like MBA, CA, CS, Management, etc.

By knowing this aspect, you will get the right direction to prepare and train your mind in that direction. You only need to answer 40 questions in this test and your detailed report will be generated.


3. Stream selector test

Students of class 10th struggle a lot to go for a suitable stream in class 11th.

Most students believe that they will do good in the Science stream but in reality, it is something opposite that. By taking this test, you will get a preference level by which you should opt for a stream.

For example, you will get a report stating that Humanities is your most preferred stream and Commerce is the least preferred.

Besides that, it will also give a glimpse of every stream concerning your qualities.


4. Engineering branch selector

Engineering is a very diversified field and offers a lot of branches. Students face a lot of chaos while selecting the best career branch as per their abilities.

With the engineering branch selector, you will get the analysis regarding the stream that aligns with your capabilities.

It will also highlight a brief about every stream and give you a glimpse based on the test results whether you should be an ideal match for the construction field or physical field.


5. Humanities

The humanities test is designed for the students of classes 11th, 12th, and B.A. to help them find the ideal career choice for them.

It will not only help you get acquainted with the ideal career option but will also allow you ample time to train your mind in such a way that you can prepare for the direction of your career prospect.

You have to answer 100 questions in this test and it will check your personality. And, based on your personality and interest will depict the career options that will suit you best.

Moreover, it will also give you a description of the areas where you need to work upon based on the career option you go for.


Final thoughts

A career assessment test is a phenomenal option that will help you boost your career prospects.

It will give you a designated direction in which you need to work to have a brighter future.

So, have a clear idea about which test you want to take and see how it works for you.

You can take these tests at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? just take these tests before it’s too late - https://oswaalbooks.com/pages/psychometric-career-assessment


All the best!


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