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  • April 23, 2022
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Board exams are a crucial step in the life of any student.


These tests not only determine whether a student has gained sufficient knowledge of their subjects but also provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their memorization and critical thinking skills.


After all, the board exam score is often used as a reference point during college admissions by many educational institutions.


Board exams are coming up! We know you're nervous—but if you follow these three tips, we can guarantee a passing mark of 95% or higher in your Commerce board exams.


Follow these three general tips to ensure you can perform when it counts:


1. Prioritize difficult topics


It's easy to get bogged down in the details of one question and neglect the rest of the exam. Plan for yourself and stick to it, so you can answer every question and get at least a passing grade on all of them.



2. Focus on accuracy and reading speed


There's no point in wasting time overthinking a question if you could have already answered another one correctly.


Always reread your work before submitting it to your teacher or proctor, but don't let it slow you down—if you find yourself stuck on a question, move on, and come back later.


You'll come back with fresh eyes and a new perspective that will help you unlock its secrets!



3. Recreate a real examination setting


Go sit outside in an unfamiliar place with no distractions around you and make believe that this is the day of your big test!


Try to imagine what questions might be asked by your teacher or professor so that when they do come up during your actual exam time.


But students cannot undermine the importance of studying precisely for every exam, preparing for them separately and giving their best shot!


So, given below are some subject specific tips that can help you excel in your CBSE board exams 2022.



A. Accountancy



1. Practice calculations:


You can't get a good grade on an accounting exam if you're not familiar with calculations, so make sure you practice them consistently, both before and during the exam.



2. Time management is a must:


Accounting exams cover a lot of ground, so time management is crucial to making sure you understand the whole picture—and finish all your work in time!



3. Read the questions carefully:


Be sure not to skim past any of the questions on an accounting exam; even one that looks like it's asking for easy information could be much more complicated than it seems at first glance.



4. Give special attention to numbers:


An accounting exam will ask you about numbers, so make sure you pay close attention to every detail and don't take anything for granted!



5. Note down the question carefully:


One thing that needs to be taken into concern is that students should read the questions carefully and note down the details and numbers accurately.



B. Economics


Getting a score of 95 or more on your economics exams can seem daunting in CBSE board exams 2022 but getting the grade you want is easier than you think!


In this article, we'll give you five simple tips for acing your economics exam without breaking a sweat.



1. Diagrams and formulas:


Economics is all about clear communication. That's why using diagrams and formulas will really help you to score in your CBSE board exams 2022.


These concepts are key to understanding economics, so make sure you draw them out to reinforce what they mean!



2. Practice from sample papers:


Finding sample papers online is easy! Once you've found a few, practice answering questions that come up in these papers.


Doing this will help you get comfortable with the kinds of questions that might appear in your CBSE board exams 2022.



3. Don't mug up:


Economics is all about understanding what's going on around us—and understanding how it relates to the rest of the world!


Don't memorize facts; instead, spend time thinking critically about what they mean outside of an exam context. This will help prepare you for anything that might come up during your CBSE board exams 2022.



4. Focus on past examination questions:


Focusing on past examination questions will ensure that you're prepared for anything that might come up during your CBSE board exams 2022—from difficult questions to the toughest ones.



5. Include the tables wherever possible:


The practicality of using tables is an important part of economics for CBSE board exams 2022. One should include tables because the presentation and clarity of the question increases manifolds.



C. Business Studies



1. Examples are the best tool:


Quoting relevant examples can be the best learning instrument when it comes to business studies. Each concept is related to an example henceforth it would be easy to understand.


For example, if we talk about economic activities they are broadly classified into primary, secondary and tertiary.


The primary activity involves the production of raw materials, secondary activity involves manufacturing and tertiary involves services.



2. Give equal value to understanding and learning:


Understanding and learning simultaneously is a good idea, as we all understand business studies is a vast subject rather than a topic so the only way to get 95+ in business studies is to start learning before understanding.


This would help in creating a better perspective of the subject and thereby more confident while writing CBSE board exams 2022 in exam hall.



3. NCERT should be the prime focus:


NCERT matters the most for CBSE board exams 2022 because even though there are numerous books available for business studies, but nothing works like NCERT.


It is like our holy book which has everything that you need for business studies subject, if one has gone through NCERT thoroughly then one does not need any other book for further reference as well because other books provide nothing but content from NCERT only with little variations here and there however NCERT is the backbone of this subject so it’s not worth skipping it at all.



4. Highlight and evaluate the key terms:


Key terms are important because they can provide insight into how other people in the same field think about things.


If you don't understand what key terms mean, it's likely no one else does either—so it's worth spending some time figuring out what they really mean.



5. Relevant case studies should be considered:


What can be better than explaining in detail with case studies? Indeed, this is the best thing out because case studies can improve the visualization and create better understanding.



D. Math



1. Focus more on tough questions:


The first tip for CBSE board exams 2022 is to focus more on the difficult questions, because they carry maximum marks and also, they need a lot of attention to answer them correctly.


But do not ignore easy questions as they also carry good marks.



2. Work out a plan:


The second tip is to plan, according to which you can solve the paper. This will help you to save time and you can concentrate on one question at a time (without thinking about the next question) which will help you to solve that question with full concentration and confidence.



3. Note down the formulas all together:


The third tip is to write all the formulas together in the beginning of the paper so that you don't have to waste your time finding them in the middle of an important problem.


This can prove very beneficial to secure high marks in math exams as there are lots of formulas that need to be revised carefully before appearing for any exam.



4. Give special attention to graphs:


Always draw neat graphs and diagrams as these carry marks in math exams and can help you improve your score by a significant margin.



5. Proper time management is a must:


The key to scoring 95+ in mathematics is scheduling time properly, the best way to do is dividing the time into portions for every section.


This will allow you to focus and devote more time to the tough questions followed by the decreasing order of complexity.


Lastly, we wish you good luck for your CBSE board exams 2022; your hard work will bare a fruit of your success, determination and long-awaited win! Keep practicing!





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