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  • August 19, 2022
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Exam time is an emotional rollercoaster.  

Sometimes you feel confident, sometimes you doubt your preparation, sometimes you feel motivated, and on the other days, you feel like breaking out.

Being a student you might have gone through all these emotions in one way or the other throughout your preparation journey.

Now you have arrived in class 10th or class 12th and with every passing day, you are getting one step closer to the board exams.

And with each new day, your head gets piled up with new questions regarding the CBSE Board Exam 2023 


Most people say that board exams are the toughest of all the exams, but they aren't. These types of rumors are just to make you more anxious. 

 Don't worry, here are the expert tips to make you all set for CBSE Board exam 2023. 


What should you do?

In general, how could you predict that term 2 exams will be difficult or not?

Well, you can only get an idea about them based on the things like previous year solved papers or sample papers, right?

Three important factors will help you see what the difficulty level for the board exam 2023 would look like. 


1. Sample Papers

By this time, you must have gone through various sample papers for the board exams. Either they are official sample papers or sample papers from some good publication house.

You must have seen that all the sample papers have a variety of questions and the typologies that you need to cover for the exam.

To complete such a variety of questions in addition to practice all of them will make you better prepared for board exams.


2. Mock Test Papers

Most of the students may not be happy with their results. The major reason behind is not lack of preparation but lack of exam practice.

Scoring in board exams is easier if you have prepared in such a way. If you have given time to practice and have solved several mock tests before the actual exam then your preparation will be better than your competitor and your marks will be highest. 


3. Previous Year Question Paper

No doubt, students have done a lot of practice for the board exams but the lack of confidence for attempting these types of questions make the board exams tougher for the students. 

Now what can you do?

You should get yourself the latest previous year question papers and have exam insight before even starting for it. 


What Should You Avoid?

Let's see what the teachers across the nation suggest for the students preparing for CBSE board exam 2023.  

Teachers are closely associated with the students  and according to them the major reason behind this is not the lack of knowledge among the students but the lack of practice for answer writing among them.

Some of the issues which teachers have figured out are:


1. Lack Of Time Management Skills 

Students lack a habit of writing long answers. And, to succeed in board exams, it is very important to have a good hold on it.

Even if the students are trying their every bit to practice answer writing they are falling prey to time management issues.

You can also face a situation where you know the answer to a question but you are unable to complete that because you are unable to manage your time well.

This is the major reason behind the increased difficulty level for board exams.

And that's why you need to work on your time management skills.


2. Low Confidence

You have prepared a lot for the exam and there is no stone that you left unturned for the exam.

But, when you hear the name of board exams, your hands and feet start freezing. This is just due to the lack of confidence in your preparation.

Most of the teachers have also pointed out this issue and said if the students don't have faith in their preparation then they will find the board exams difficult even after knowing everything.

 To avoid this, just stay cool.

Don't over exhaust yourself especially during exam time. 


3. Increased stress

You are sailing in two boats at this time. On one hand, you need to prepare for the board exams and on the other side, you are also preparing for entrance exams such as JEE, NEET and so forth.

Both of these exams have a different pattern that creates a lot of buzz among the students regarding preparation. It has increased the stress level among the students by ten-fold.

Therefore, it can make the CBSE Board exams 2023 one of the toughest exams of the previous board exams.

Most schools have seen this trend among the students. To overcome this, various schools are now organizing some yoga sessions so that students can feel more relaxed and concentrated during the exams.

But above all, you need to calm yourself. 

Don't think much during exam time, and take long naps to stay as fresh and ready for board exams.



No doubt board exams are tough.

But, now, you know all the valid facts that make it easier for you.

So, why not focus on the solution rather than the problem?

Stay confident, practice answer writing, and manage your time well. Moreover, get a strong grip on question banks and previous year question papers.

Once you are well-equipped with all these, there is barely any chance that you will find board exams tough.

Every single day counts!!




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