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How do I score 95 or above in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Board Exam

How do I score 95 or above in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Board Exam

  • October 07, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

There are a few things to keep in mind before CBSE class 12 chemistry board exam first: -

1.    Chemistry contains facts rather than concepts. It’s in a way the exact opposite of physics.

2.    You will get marks easily if you know the subject. Chemistry is mostly based on chemical equations and theory and weightage for numerical is comparatively less.

3.    Small mistakes cost you a lot of marks. If your answer deviates from the correct answer, you cannot expect partial marks.


Here are the few do’s and don’ts for the CBSE class 12 chemistry board exam: -

1.    Make use of your reading time and read the paper well. Questions in IUPAC nomenclature and another in numerical are important.  

2.    Write the formula used in numerical and/or units in answers. The exam is not a competitive one and marks will be allotted in the marking scheme for all the formulas and units in answers.

3.    Scribbling the answers and writing them in different parts of the page should be prohibited. Your answer must be legible and must be continued to the next page.

4.    According to the CBSE marking scheme, if multiple attempts are made, then only the first attempt is considered, and the rest is struck out. Hence, strike all your incorrect attempts.

5.    Writing extra facts in answers which are incorrect could appear good but would also take up your precious time. Also, writing extra facts will make the examiner think that you have prepared well and may get marks in your favour, but factually wrong statements and sentences may get your marks cut as well. Hence, if unsure about a fact, then don’t just write it.

And here are some tips for getting the desired score in CBSE class 12 chemistry board exam: -

1.    Once you’re finished checking all your answers, underline your answers. After that, start underlining important keywords, phrases in every answer. It will facilitate the examiner and you may get better marks for it.

2.    The old proverb “First impression is the best impression” holds true even in board exams. For the CBSE class 12 chemistry board exam, try to keep the first few pages of the paper error-free. Also, try to elaborate your answers as much as possible in the first pages to make the examiner think that you have prepared well.

3.    Check your calculations twice. Mistakes are more likely to happen in numerical than in theory. Hence after completing every numerical, check the answers for the calculations.

4.    Keep on checking time every now and then. Check the watch after you complete every question. It will enable you to keep track for your time used and time left and therefore will help you manage remaining time more effectively.

5.    Though it’s quite open that you can attempt questions in any order, writing the questions in an order, like from first to last or from last to first, would help the examiner in checking, and therefore will help you as well.

6.    Maintaining your health would be the most important tip of all. Eat well and sleep well during CBSE class 12 chemistry board exam. You should never compromise on your sleep and health.


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"All the best for CBSE class 12 chemistry board exam"



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