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  • February 15, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


With hard work, every impossible task can be made possible.  But still, is the effort enough? 


To prepare well for any exam and get success in it, you need both the elements of smart study as well as hard work.


So, for the students who will be appearing for the ICSE 2022 exam, here we have suggested 5 simple yet super-efficient preparation steps and tips.


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However, some of the basic factors that define the success of students in board exams are positive attitude, determination, and commitment. Students should not be afraid of failure and should focus on scoring good marks.


Here are some tips, tricks, and super steps of strategy suggested by which students can easily crack the exam and score good marks.


In order for the students preparing for ICSE Exam 2022 to excel in their exams, below are 5 easy and super steps for the students to follow:



1. Know the syllabus, plan the tasks and rehearse well -


  • First of all, you have to understand your syllabus as it mentions the units and chapters involved. And without understanding it, you cannot move forward nor will you be able to understand any topics better. You set your own goal for each subject.


  • Decide what is needed to cover in a stipulated time. First, you should start with small and manageable units.  And then it would be better to go with longer units.  This will enable you to gain better confidence and understand the topics better. Once you start understanding shorter units, go for longer units.


  • Knowing your syllabus well is probably the biggest advantage that you can get during the preparation process. By knowing the syllabus, you become fully aware of the questions that you may come across, problems, difficult sections, and more analytical.


  • Also, as mentioned earlier, the smart study is probably the most efficient way to tackle the syllabus of board exams and the best way to do so is by knowing the syllabus thoroughly. You can study the chapter-wise and topic-wise Oswaal ICA Question Bank 2021-22 for Class 10 to get an idea of ​​what the syllabus covers.


  • Also, you will be able to get an unbiased idea as to which of the many topics is more important than the rest. This will allow you to devise a solid strategy to go about the preparation process in a more detailed and analytical manner, which is also time-efficient.



2. Plan a proper schedule and your routine-


  • Plan every day and every minute. The most efficient system is to repeat the tasks you have completed. Build a schedule that allows you to make the most of the study throughout the day by allowing you to go over different topics, exercises, and topics. Work, take breaks, solve papers, revise, play memory games and go back to studies.


  • Make sure you prepare a schedule that is not too intimidating as it will prove to be boring for you which can stop your studies. Don't let yourself be a victim of procrastination. Divide your day into different parts and allocate each half to a specific activity that culminates in a productive day.


  • Prepare a fixed timetable to follow daily. Make a list of all the topics to be covered.  Let's say we study for 4 hours a day, then divide it into two subjects per day, i.e. 2 hours for each subject. More time can be given to difficult subjects, and a little less to what seems easy.



3. Complete everyday tasks as per schedule instead of leaving them for tomorrow


  • Practice Makes Perfect. Even though perfection cannot be achieved, if you chase perfection and solve the question paper then you can score perfect marks. Solving every type of question and paper imaginable gives you an amazingly wide range of knowledge, thereby increasing your chances of attempting each and every question, no matter how difficult or important in nature.


  • Oswaal ICSE Question Bank material 2021 -22 for class 10 is one of the best books to resort to in this matter. They have some of the toughest and most challenging questions that testers comment on, answering tips (to help you improve your answering skills), mind maps to facilitate quick revision and learning, something more interesting and easy.


  • Come with concept videos to change the learning style. With solutions provided by legible, solved paper toppers, there are mnemonics and more for quick learning.



4. Solve self-notes and previous years question papers-


  • A great technique that works to develop many aspects of your preparation is to paraphrase notes in your own words while studying. It might seem complicated at first but it is actually very easy and very effective, and these steps will surely give better results.


  • This way you focus on the three most important aspects of your learning process at once. You are learning to think and frame sentences as you write, You are increasing your writing speed, You are making notes, You can revisit later for revision purposes, You are learning and remembering faster and you are developing the skill to be competent.


  • It is important to solve previous 2 to 3 years' question papers to prepare in the right direction and to get better results. This will clear the concept and most of the questions will be already familiar to you. And there is nothing better than this to get better marks. They will help in getting familiar with the marking scheme, different types of questions asked, duration, and exam pattern. One even gets to know about the questions asked over the years in the exam.



5. Take enough self-time, take time for relaxation and let go of personal stress


  • Devote enough time of the day to yourself. Get enough sleep because a tired mind will never be able to give you the result which is your goal. Taking power naps in between long study sessions is essential to keep your body and mind refreshed and ready to work in overdrive.


  • Entertain yourself by indulging in physical activities like sports, exercise, etc. Also, make sure you meditate for at least 10 minutes each day to keep your mind calm and refreshed.  This will help you deal with the pressure better.


  • Divide the working hours in such a way as to be able to take rest after completing a particular subject or ICSE chapter. You should do what makes you comfortable. It may be better to listen to music, have a cup of coffee, or just take a short walk and take a sip of water.


  • Avoid all unnecessary phone calls and social networking sites as all of these can act as a distraction. Due to this, your unnecessary mental stress can increase.


Hope the above suggested easy steps will help you to prepare better and get good results.


All the best!



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